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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
Hank was hank to believe he was still himself.
▪ A breeze ruffled her hair and set hanks of wool waving on the fence-wire.
▪ He dropped the hank of hair.
▪ I believe with every human bone, piece of flesh and hank of hair I possess that the government is right.
▪ One yellowy hank was swiped forward from the nape of his neck, while the other originated from his luxuriant left sideburn.
▪ She raised her eyebrows and drew out a hank of hair, backing slowly away from me.
▪ Test running, and making final adjustments to the newly installed hank scouring machine is Duncan Dawson.
▪ The sleepy snakes lie wreathed around themselves or slither through the hoops of their own skin, their hanks of hemp.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Hank \Hank\, v. t.

  1. [OE. hanken.] To fasten with a rope, as a gate. [Prov. Eng.]

  2. To form into hanks.


Hank \Hank\ (h[a^][ng]k), n. [Cf. Dan. hank handle, Sw. hank a band or tie, Icel. hanki hasp, clasp, h["o]nk, hangr, hank, coil, skein, G. henkel, henk, handle; all probably akin to E. hang. See Hang.]

  1. A parcel consisting of two or more skeins of yarn or thread tied together.

  2. A rope or withe for fastening a gate. [Prov. Eng.]

  3. Hold; influence.

    When the devil hath got such a hank over him.
    --Bp. Sanderson.

  4. (Naut.) A ring or eye of rope, wood, or iron, attached to the edge of a sail and running on a stay.

  5. (Wrestling) A throw in which a wrestler turns his left side to his opponent, twines his left leg about his opponent's right leg from the inside, and throws him backward.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

late 13c., probably from a Scandinavian source such as Old Norse honk, hank "clasp, hank," related to hang (v.).


n. 1 A coil or loop of something, especially twine, yarn, or rope 2 (context nautical English) A ring or shackle that secures a staysail to its stay and allows the sail to glide smoothly up and down. 3 (context Ulster English) doubt, difficulty 4 (context Ulster English) mess, tangle 5 A rope or withe for fastening a gate. 6 (context obsolete English) hold; influence 7 (cx wrestling English) A throw in which a wrestler turns his left side to his opponent, twines his left leg about his opponent's right leg from the inside, and throws him backward. vb. 1 (context transitive English) To form into hanks. 2 (context transitive UK dialect English) To fasten with a rope, as a gate.


n. a coil of rope or wool or yarn

Hank (textile)

In the textile industry, a hank refers to a unit of yarn or twine that is in a coiled form. This is often the best form for use with hand looms, compared to the cone form needed for power looms. Hanks come in varying lengths depending on the type of material. For instance, a hank of linen is 300 yards or approx 270 metres, and a hank of cotton or silk is 840 yards or approx 768 metres. In beads, 1 hank = 20 feet = 6.096 metres.

In yarns for handcrafts such as knitting or crochet, hanks are not a fixed length, but are sold in units by weight, most commonly 50 grams. Depending on the thickness of the strand as well as the inherent density of the material, hanks can range widely in yardage per 50 gram unit; for example, 440 yards for a lace weight mohair, to 60 yards for a chunky weight cotton. Special treatments to the materials that add cost, such as mercerisation or labor-intensive hand-painting of colors, can influence a manufacturer's desired length per unit as well. Knitters and crocheters rewind the hanks into balls or centre-pull skeins prior to use, in order to prevent the yarn from becoming tangled.

Hog casings are sold in "bundles" or "hanks." This unit of measure equals 100 yards or approx 91 metres.

Hank (disambiguation)

Hank is both a given name and a surname.

Hank may also refer to:

  • Hank (dog), unofficial mascot of Milwaukee Brewers baseball team
  • Hank (textile), a coiled bundle of yarn
  • Hank (Werkendam), a town in the Netherlands
  • USS Hank (DD-702), a U.S. Navy destroyer
  • hank, a name for a group of differently designed fastening tools used to connect sails to lines on ships
Hank (1965 TV series)

Hank is an American situation comedy which is notable for being an early example of a program with a true series finale, in which the underlying premise of the series reaches a natural conclusion with its final episode.

Hank (album)

Hank is an album by jazz saxophonist Hank Mobley released on the Blue Note label in 1957 as BLP 1560, and features Mobley, Donald Byrd, John Jenkins, Bobby Timmons, Wilbur Ware and Philly Joe Jones.

Hank (2009 TV series)

Hank (originally titled Awesome Hank and PRYORS) is an American sitcom which ran on ABC from September 30, 2009, to November 4, 2009. The series was created by Tucker Cawley and is about a Wall Street executive who loses his job and reconnects with his small-town family. Hank originally aired on Wednesday nights in the fall season and starred Kelsey Grammer. The series was produced by Good Humor Television and from Warner Bros. Television.

Hank (dog)

Hank, also known as Hank T. Dog, is an unofficial mascot of the Milwaukee Brewers of Major League Baseball. Believed to be a part- Bichon Frise mixed-breed of about two or three years of age, Hank was rescued by the Brewers when he wandered into their spring training facility before the start of the 2014 MLB season.


Hank is both a masculine given name and a surname. It is a pet form of the name Henry, influenced by the Dutch name Henk, that is mainly used in the United States. Notable people with the name include:

Given name:

  • Hank Aaron (born 1934), Hall of Fame baseball player
  • Hank Aguirre (1931-1994), Major League Baseball pitcher
  • Hank Allen (born 1940), Major League Baseball outfielder
  • Hank Azaria (born 1964), American actor, director, voice actor and comedian best known for his voice work on The Simpsons
  • Hank Ballard (1927-2003), rhythm and blues singer and songwriter
  • Hank Bauer (1922-2007), American Major League Baseball right fielder and manager
  • Hank Bauer (American football) (born 1954), National Football League running back and television and radio broadcaster
  • Hank Blalock (born 1980), Major League Baseball player
  • Hank Borowy (1916-2004), Major League Baseball pitcher
  • Hank Brown (born 1940), American retired politician and former senator from Colorado
  • Hank Burnine (born 1932), American football player
  • Hank Cochran (1935-2010), American country music singer and songwriter
  • Hank Feldman, Major League Baseball pitcher
  • Hank Garland (1930-2004), American studio musician
  • Hank Gathers (1967-1990), basketball player
  • Hank Goldup (1918-2008), National Hockey League player
  • Hank Greenberg (1911-1986), Hall of Fame baseball player
  • Hank Johnson (born 1954), U.S. Representative from Georgia
  • Hank Jones (1918-2010), American jazz pianist, bandleader, arranger, and composer
  • Hank Ketcham (1920-2001), American cartoonist who created Dennis the Menace
  • Hank Kuehne (born 1975), American former professional golfer
  • Hank Locklin (1918-2009), American country music singer and songwriter
  • Hank Marvin, guitarist
  • Hank Mobley (1930–1986), American hard bop and soul jazz saxophonist and composer
  • Hank Norberg (1920–1974), American football player
  • Hank Nowak (born 1950), Canadian born National Hockey League player
  • Hank Pfister (born 1953), American retired tennis player
  • Hank Sauer (1917-2001), Major League Baseball left fielder
  • Hank Snow (1914-1999), Canadian-American country music musician and songwriter
  • Hank Steinbrenner (born 1957), part-owner of the New York Yankees
  • Hank Stram (1923-2005), American National Football League coach
  • Hank Thompson (baseball) (1925-1969), baseball player in the Negro leagues and Major League Baseball
  • Hank Thompson (musician) (1925-2007), American country music singer and songwriter
  • Hank Williams (1923-1953), country musician
  • Hank Williams, Jr. (born 1949), country musician, son of Hank Williams
  • Hank Williams III (born 1972), country musician, son of Hank Williams, Jr.
  • Hank Worden (1901-1992), American actor
  • Hank (dog), a dog rescued by the Milwaukee Brewers named after Hank Aaron


  • Hank Green (born 1980), video blogger
  • Henrik Sedin, Swedish hockey player
  • Henrik Zetterberg, Swedish hockey player
  • Hank the Angry Drunken Dwarf, a nickname of entertainer Henry Joseph Nasiff Jr.


  • Jorge Hank Rhon, former Municipal President of Tijuana
  • Carlos Hank González, his father

Fictional characters:

  • Hank McCoy, a superhero, The Beast, from the Marvel comic series " X-Men"
  • Henry Charles "Hank" Chinaski, alter ego of and character in many stories by Charles Bukowski
  • Hank Gannon, from the soap opera One Life to Live
  • Hank Hall, a DC Comics character
  • Hank Henshaw, DC Comics villain
  • Hank, a character from the 2003 film Cheaper by the Dozen
  • Hank Hill, protagonist of the TV series King of The Hill
  • Hank Jennings, from the TV show Twin Peaks
  • Hank Johnson, an agent of Hydra in the Marvel Universe
  • Hank Moody, protagonist of the TV series Californication
  • Hank or Henry Pym (aka Ant-Man, Giant-Man, Goliath, and Yellowjacket), fictional character in the Marvel Universe
  • Hank Rearden, fictional character in Atlas Shrugged
  • Hank Schrader, from the TV show Breaking Bad
  • Hank Venture, fictional character in The Venture Bros.
  • Henry "Hank" Lawson, protagonist of TV series Royal Pains
  • Hank, main character in the Hank the Cowdog series of children's novels
  • Lt. Hank Wade, fictional character in the TV series The Bridge (2013)
  • Hank Galliston, protagonist of the TV series Zero Hour (2013)
  • Hank Dearborn, protagonist of the TV series Hank (1965)
  • Hank Pryor, protagonist of the TV series Hank (2009)
  • Hank Brackett, protagonist of the TV series Bearcats! (1971)
  • Hank Griffin, fictional character in the TV series Grimm (2011)
  • Hank Murphy, fictional character in the TV series Sullivan & Son (2012)
  • Hank Yarbo, fictional character in the Canadian Television program Corner Gas (2004 - 2009)
  • Hank Thunderman, fictional character in the TV series The Thundermans (2013)
  • Henry "Hank" Zipzer, fictional character from the TV series Hank Zipzer
  • Hank, an octopus with a missing tentacle in the animated film Finding Dory

Usage examples of "hank".

Hanks cites the history of a case of antepartum desquamation of the skin in a living fetus.

Hank and Arv, who had entered the power room while Tom was talking, looked bleak at the prospect.

Tom, Bud, Arv, and Hank made a careful examination of the crippled craft.

Right after supper Tom and Bud, with the assistance of Arv and Hank, set to work on the damaged computer.

It held Bollo, beneath the arms, and its head, from which a hank of gauzy hair spun out, was bowed upon his chest.

Hank had worked on the gear for the broncs and bulls, rewired the lights, repaired the PA system, found a barrel for the rodeo clown, tied the numbered collars on the team penning cattle and, finally, got into his chaps for the bull riding.

Hank began his account carefully, trying very hard to sound like a sane and responsible individual as he related the major points: the mania Brummel seemed to have for getting rid of him, the church division, the gossip, the angry church board, the slogan painted on his house, and then the spiritual wrestling match he had gone through last night.

The channels let him get deep into hard need before they let him take transfer from Hank.

Jimmy Norton, assigned to help Zeth, led up a pack horse and began unloading medical supplies as Hank and Uel set up the standard to mark the location of the channels for the Gens.

Tom Brown agreed to accompany the Clackamas County investigators into the wilderness to show them where the bodies of Hank and the dog lay.

And no one was feeling the pressure more strongly than the cochairman of Taurus, Hank Bindle.

Hank decided on a number of fences, schooling Orion first over one or two and then adding on more with each attempt.

Cassie cleared the last three fences, Hank heard the excited gasps of Melissa, the twins, and Mrs.

Her mother arrived then with Hank in tow, the dark-haired man glowering at Sarah as if this was all her fault.

Phil and Dotty Frost, Walter and Linda Tuffy, Hank and June Staples, the Mangums, the Stenzels, or the Clearwaters, the response was always the same.