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Hammana is a town in Lebanon, about 26 km (16 miles) East of Beirut and is part of Greater Beirut. Hammana sits at an altitude of 1200m (about 4000ft) above sea-level. It is in the Mount Lebanon Governorate in the district (or Caza) of Baabda. Hammana is bordered by the towns of Falougha, Shbaniye, Khraybe, Bmariam, Khalwet and Mdeirej.

The village has multiple water sources like the Shaghour fall, Ain-al-Hosa spring, Al-Kadaneh spring, Ain Soltan spring, Ain Maytri spring and many more. Evergreen trees such as pines, firs, spruce as well as some cedar trees are found everywhere in the town. Hammana is known regionally for its cherries, apples and fasolia beans (lubieh hammanieh). The Sohat spring water bottling plant (now owned by Nestlé) is located nearby in Falougha.

Hammana has a rich diversity of religious communities consisting of Maronites, Greek Orthodox, Greek Catholics and Druze. It is a popular summer resort destination for many Lebanese and non-Lebanese tourists.

The word "Hammana" may have come from the name of the Phoenician Sun God "Hammon" or "Hamman". These two names are derived from the word "Hama" which means heat of the sun.

The 19th century French poet, novelist and statesman Alphonse De Lamartine visited Lebanon and spent some time in Hammana. He described the town and its surrounding lush valley in his Voyages en Orient (1835) as "one of the most beautiful prospects ever presented to the human eye to scan in the works of God".

The village has given the world great humanitarian persons, among them Doctor Ma Haide (George Hatem) who helped save China from many diseases of the new age, and who was honored by naming the square in the front the town's square after him.

Hammana is a mixture of a typical Lebanese village, where you can enjoy the magic of its nature and the extreme hospitality and a small city where you can enjoy the night life and the smooth entertainment environment. And it is a four seasons resort, where you can find four different artistic paints signed by the creator, yellow tint in autumn, mostly white in winter, colorful in spring and dark green in summer.