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n. 1 (context Irish colloquial English) A mess. 2 (plural of hame English)


Hames is a surname, and may refer to:

  • Ashley Hames (born 1970), British television presenter and director
  • Bob Hames (1920 - 1998), American jazz guitarist
  • Greg Hames (born 1980), English cricketer
  • Jagan Hames (born 1975), retired Australian decathlete
  • Ken Hames former British SAS officer
  • Kim Hames (born 1953), Australian politician
  • Mat Hames (born 1971), American independent filmmaker
  • Michael Hames, Metropolitan Police Detective Superintendent
  • Tim Hames, British journalist

Usage examples of "hames".

It was only a trip, but as he got up and faced about looking for the remains of the sled, the harness, tugged by the reins, crowded on his neck--backband, collar, hames, chains and all.