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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Hame \Hame\ (h[=a]m), n. Home. [Scot. & O. Eng.]


Hame \Hame\, n. [Scot. haims, hammys, hems, OE. ham; cf. D. haam.] One of the two curved pieces of wood or metal, in the harness of a draught horse, to which the traces are fastened. They are fitted upon the collar, or have pads fitting the horse's neck attached to them.


Etymology 1 n. (context obsolete English) A covering, skin, membrane. Etymology 2

n. Part of the harness that fits round the neck of a draught horse that the reins pass through. Etymology 3

n. (form of Scottish form home English) Etymology 4

n. (alternative form of halm English)


n. stable gear consisting of either of two curved supports that are attached to the collar of a draft horse and that hold the traces


Häme ( Swedish: Tavastland, Latin: Tavastia) is the name of a geographical region in Finland, associated with the Tavastians, or Häme people (hämäläiset), a subgroup of the Finnish people. The precise area referred to can vary depending on the context.

In contemporary contexts:

  • Häme, an often vaguely defined area in Southern Finland associated with the Tavastians; the most prominent regions of contemporary Häme are:
    • Tavastia Proper (Kanta-Häme)
    • Päijänne Tavastia (Päijät-Häme)
    • Pirkanmaa (historically, most of this area belonged to Satakunta, but today it is strongly associated with Häme)
    • Central Finland (historically, most of this area unambiguously belonged to Tavastia, or Häme, but today the association is weaker)
  • Place names including the element Häme in its genitive form Hämeen:
    • Hämeenkatu, the main street of Tampere; streets bearing the same name can be found elsewhere in Finland as well
    • Hämeenkyrö, a municipality in Pirkanmaa
    • Hämeenlinna, the administrative centre of Tavastia Proper
      • Hämeen linna, or Häme Castle, a medieval castle in Hämeenlinna, after which the city has been named
    • Hämeentie, the longest street in Helsinki; streets bearing the same name can be found elsewhere in Finland as well

In historical contexts:

  • Tavastia (Häme), a historical province within the Swedish realm from around the 13th century until 1809
  • County of Nyland and Tavastehus (Uudenmaan ja Hämeen lääni), 1634–1809, roughly a combination of the historical provinces of Tavastia and Uusimaa
  • Governorate of Nyland-Tavastehus (Uudenmaan ja Hämeen lääni), 1809–1831, the continuation of the preceding administrative entity within the Grand Duchy of Finland
  • Governorate of Tavastehus (Hämeen lääni), 1831–1917, split off again from the Governorate of Nyland-Tavastehus
  • Häme Province (Hämeen lääni), 1917–1997, the continuation of the preceding administrative entity within the independent Finland
    • the provinces of Finland into which the regions of the Häme Province were merged in 1997:
      • Southern Finland (1997–2009)
      • Western Finland (1997–2009)

Mohamed Bourokba, aka Hamé (born 1975, Perpignan, France) is a French filmmaker and rapper. He has been involved in a series of legal proceedings since 2002, which have been covered by the international press.

Usage examples of "hame".

I feared Moncrieff had killt Simon, and sae I set aff hame as fast as I could, unsteady as I was.

Hobbie will hae a merry morning when he comes hame, and misses baith bride and gear.

There is a strong force at Abu Hamed, and our Governor at Berber will move down there, with all his force, when he hears that the Egyptians are coming up the cataracts.

Wady Halfa, across the desert, towards the elbow of the great bend from Dongola to Abu Hamed.

Pate maks the fool forget his freaks, Maks baxter bodies burn their bakes, And gowkies gie their hame the glaiks, And follow Patie Birnie.

In the end, Marilee had accepted the offered fee and consented to help Scott with his studies, not only because she knew the importance of his scoring high on his college entrance exams but because few could say no to Wes Hamer and make it stick.

Wes Hamer and Marilee Ritt approaching the entrance from opposite directions, reaching the door at the same time.

According to Ritt, and Wes Hamer agreed, women are naturally attracted to Tierney.

Ahead of Hamer, the sanding truck was laboring to get traction on the incline that rose sharply just beyond the turn.

Wes Hamer are supposedly best friends, I sense a friction between them.

What would it mean to his mom if the real Wes Hamer was exposed, with all of his artifice, deceit, and bullshit stripped away?

They stopped short of entering the living room when they saw Dora Hamer cowering against the wall.

Well acquainted with the Hamer family, the nurse was reluctant to be the messenger of bad news.

Jack Hamer stared at Santa Claus for a moment before he began to struggle and pull away.

His father, David Hamer, was pushing through the crowd of children, and Archie stood up on his chair, opened up his bag, and lobbed the wrapped toys out at the children.