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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ His shirt was unbuttoned, revealing a hairy chest.
▪ Don't worry if you don't have a hairy chest, buy a suitable wig or other rug.
▪ Nolan's shirt was ripped open, showing a lot of hairy chest.
▪ One scratches his hairy chest and leans back, positively smouldering.
▪ Bafflingly for Barry, his hairy chest, toothy grin and even his ale and hearty tum couldn't win her over.
▪ He had a hairy chest, hair on his shoulders, and tufts sprouting from under his arms.
▪ His ankles, bound with sacking and hairy hand, Rubbed each other, resettling.
▪ The hairy hands were clean, strong, venous, with polished nails.
▪ He stepped out of reach of the hairy hands that looked boiled red and collided with a pew, which spilled black books.
▪ With no makeup and hairy legs.
▪ He parodied my groping stumble across the stage to the podium and gathered up the skirt to reveal hairy legs and bloomers.
▪ The pants themselves were too tight and too short, exhibiting a generous stretch of hairy legs.
▪ Special Rule Move Spiders have eight hairy legs which enable them to move easily over obstacles and rough territory.
▪ No socks covered his hairy legs, while on his feet he wore only sandals.
▪ a big hairy spider
▪ It got pretty hairy climbing down the cliff.
▪ Someone who is as hairy as he is should keep his shirt on.
▪ Besides which, I needed an ally at the shop, some one to watch my back should things get hairy.
▪ Byron rocks away, very hairy, very clean, wringing his hands, like an impeccable spider in his green fatigues.
▪ I did not think I could grow to like a hairy bear, but I looked at this man with great hope.
▪ I take a good look and all I can see is this great hairy baboon.
▪ Later, her hairy spider tattoo engulfed him.
▪ These hairy, slimy crawlers not only invaded fictional cities, they crept into the darker crevices of our minds.
▪ With no makeup and hairy legs.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Hairy \Hair"y\ (-[y^]), a.

  1. Bearing or covered with hair; made of or resembling hair; rough with hair; hirsute.

    His mantle hairy, and his bonnet sedge.

  2. Very complicated, difficult, or involved; as, a hairy problem; a hairy equation. [Colloq.]

  3. Dangerous or frightening; as, a hairy encounter with a mugger.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

early 14c., from hair + -y (2). From 1848 in slang sense of "difficult." Farmer calls this "Oxford slang." Perhaps from the notion of "rugged, rough." Related: Hairiness.


a. 1 Of a person, having a lot of hair on the body. 2 Of an animal, having a lot of fur. 3 Of a body part other than the head, having hair growing from it. 4 Difficult, complex, intricate, or intimidating.

  1. adj. having or covered with hair; "Jacob was a hairy man"; "a hairy caterpillar" [syn: hirsute] [ant: hairless]

  2. hazardous and frightening; "hairy moments in the mountains"

  3. [also: hairiest, hairier]


Usage examples of "hairy".

No, the Ainu, the earliest inhabitants, they were a Neolithic people, short, dark, thick and hairy, heavy beards and hair all over their bodies I suppose for the terrible cold.

Mister Basic, telling him about that museum and I suddenly found myself talking about the hairy Ainu and the more I tried to get away from it the worse it got.

Waving that newspaper at me, piece in here on your hairy Ainu you were talking about, thought maybe you missed it?

In the stern was Mugambi, and just in front of him squatted Akut, while between Akut and Tarzan the twelve hairy apes sat upon their haunches, blinking dubiously this way and that, and now and then turning their eyes longingly back toward shore.

Tonsured cleric and hairy smith risked their lives side by side to rip loose and throw down great armsful of the heavy, stinking, smoldering thatch.

His massive, hairy upper body was exposed above the beltline of his kilt, making Theseus, for all his muscular development, seem no larger than an ordinary man.

For wild-boar hunting and perilous doublings, there were forty boarhounds as hairy as bears.

He had big hairy calfy legs coming down out of a tunic the color of cooked squash.

The smell of it, the cedarwood and the spices and the hairy, oily scent of carpets, was so familiar that if he shut his eyes, he could imagine he was ten years old again, playing behind a roll of carpet while his father bargained with a customer.

On another a hunter, thrice the size of life, was killing a wild horse equally magnified, whose hide was represented by the hairy wrappings of the leaves of the Chamaerops excelsa.

The thing was monstrous and hairy and ugly, and both Chex and Volney retreated in alarm.

Holding the cows tail he leaned on the hairy back and, empty-eyed, blew smoke from the pipe which like most farmers at a cleansing he had prudently lit at the outset.

He was perched on a stool, milking one of his few cows, his cloth-capped head thrusting into the hairy flank, and as he pulled at the teats old Nip dropped a stone on the toe of his boot.

She sat with her unprotected back to a vastness of desert, where venomous snakes slithered in the heat of the night, where tarantulas as hairy as the maniacal mullahs of the Taliban scurried in search of prey, and where the creepiest species native to this cruel realm of rock and sand and scraggly scrub were even more fearsome than serpents or spiders.

Skins of the Dermestes lardaraus,--said the Scarabee,--you can always tell them by those brown hairy coats.