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Haapi, also Haip and Ha'ip was a commissioner of the 1350- 1335 BC Amarna letters correspondence. The name "Hapi" in Egyptian is the name for the Nile god Hapi.

Haapi is referenced in 3 letters from the Byblos-( Gubla) corpus of the prolific writer Rib-Hadda, of 68 letters. Haapi is also referenced in letter EA 149 of Abimilku of Tyre-(Surru), ( EA for 'el Amarna').

The following letters are referenced to Haapi/Ha'ip:

:#EA 107—Title: " Charioteers, but no horses"–Rib-Hadda letter, (no. 36 of 68). Note: see Maryannu; in letter: mar-i(y)a-nu-ma, =charioteer.

:#EA 132—Title: "The hope for peace". –Rib-Hadda letter, (no. 61 of 68). See: Egyptian commissioner: Pahura.

:#EA 133—Title: "Some advice for the king"–Rib-Hadda letter, (no. 62 of 68).

:# EA 149—Title: "Neither water nor wood"–Abimilku letter no. 4 of 10.