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abbr. (context Internet slang text messaging English) hate.


H8, H08 or H-8 may stand for:

  • H-8 bomber, a 1970s Chinese military aircraft
  • H8 Club, a professional wrestling tag team
  • H8 Family, a 1990s large family of 8-bit and 16-bit microcontrollers made by Hitachi (Renesas Technology)
  • H08 microcontroller from Hycon Technology
  • H-8 (film), a 1958 Yugoslav movie
  • H8 Standing Way, a road in Milton Keynes grid road system
  • British NVC community H8, a type of heath community in the British National Vegetation Classification
  • Hagström H8, the world's first massproduced eight stringed bass guitar.
  • Highway H08 (Ukraine), a road in Ukraine
  • Heathkit H-8, a 1977 home computer kit
  • HMS H8, a 1915 British Royal Navy H class submarine
  • HMS Eclipse (H08), a 1934 E class destroyer of the Royal Navy
  • PRR H8, an American 2-8-0 steam locomotives model
  • C&O H-8 "Allegheny" steam locomotive, of the Whyte notation 2-6-6-6
  • USS H-8 (SS-151), a 1918 United States Navy submarine

H8 may also represent:

  • The airline code for Dalavia airline
  • the internet slang for " hate"
  • a robot villain in Magnus, Robot Fighter - the chief of police for North Am, he lived up to his name, as he really hated humans
  • a supercomputer used by NASA
  • Halloween 8, a horror film abbreviated to H8
  • another version of Heil Hitler
  • The H8 hurricane tie manufactured by Simpson Strong-Tie Co.
  • California Proposition 8 (2008)