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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Gyri \Gy"ri\ (j[imac]"r[imac]), n. pl. See Gyrus.


Gyrus \Gy"rus\ (j[imac]"r[u^]s), n.; pl. Gyri (j[imac]"r[imac]). [L. See Gyre, n.] A convoluted ridge between grooves; a convolution; as, the gyri of the brain; the gyri of brain coral. See Brain.


n. (gyrus English)

  1. n. a convex fold or elevation in the surface of the brain [syn: convolution]

  2. [also: gyri (pl)]


See gyrus

Usage examples of "gyri".

The sulci and gyri are fairly standardized from brain to brain, and the more prominent ones are named and mapped.

Beneath the membranes, the gyri and folds of the cerebral cortex were plainly visible, traced with darker arteries and veins.

This includes difficulties in memory, speech, and coordination, due to brain oxygen starvation in the orbital gyri of both frontal lobes, as well as the cerebral choroid plexus.

The gyri were plump and choked with fluid, and she saw the bruise at once: a purplish-black splotch fanning around the implant like a squashed bug.