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GXP can mean:

  • GxP is a generalization of quality guidelines, predominantly used in the pharmaceutical industry and medical device industry.
  • gxp is sometimes used in falconry WWW forums to mean " crossbreed between a peregrine falcon and a gyrfalcon".
  • Tenchi Muyo! GXP is an anime.
  • the GXP is the highest performance level on some Pontiac vehicles
  • GXP is the NYSE abbreviation for Great Plains Energy
  • Google XML Pages is a templating system used to generate XML/SGML markup (most often HTML).
  • Giga-X-Pipe is a standard of bottom bracket on bicycles.
  • Grid Exit Points High voltage electricity is transmitted across the transmission grid from GIPs (Grid Injection Points) to the points of distribution of lower voltages at the grid exit points (GXPs).