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Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

"spirit, courage," 1893, figurative plural of gut (n.). The idea of the bowels as the seat of the spirit goes back to at least mid-14c.


n. 1 (plural of gut English) 2 The entrails or contents of the abdomen. 3 (context slang English) courage; determination. 4 (context slang English) content, substance. vb. (context informal English) To show determination or courage (especially in the combination ''guts out'').


n. fortitude and determination; "he didn't have the guts to try it" [syn: backbone, grit, moxie, sand, gumption]

Guts (game)

Guts or disc guts (sometimes guts Frisbee in reference to the trademarked brand name) is a disc game inspired by dodgeball, involving teams throwing a flying disc (rather than balls) at members of the opposing team.

Guts (Lutz book)

Guts: 8 Laws of Business from One of the Most Innovative Business Leaders of Our Time is a 2003 management book by Robert A. Lutz, former president of Chrysler.

A self-described "maverick", Lutz organizes the book around his "8 Immutable Laws of Business" which he poses as strawmen to demonstrate that even the best principles can be harmful if taken too far. Lutz draws extensively from his personal experience to illustrate the business principles in the book.

  • Law 1 - The Customer Isn't Always Right
  • Law 2 - The Primary Purpose of Business Is Not to Make small money.
  • Law 3 - When Everybody Else Is Doing It, Don't!
  • Law 4 - Too Much Quality Can Ruin You
  • Law 5 - Financial Controls Are Bad
  • Law 6 - Disruptive People Are an Asset
  • Law 7 - Teamwork Isn't Always Good
  • Law 8 – When You Inherit a Really Big Rat’s Nest, Don’t Try to Lure Them Out with Food. Use a Flamethrower!
  • Leadership Corollaries ????

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Guts (album)

Guts is a retrospective compilation album by John Cale, released by Island Records in February 1977. It is perhaps most notable for including the songs "Leaving It Up To You", which was deleted from Helen of Troy, and the previously unreleased "Mary Lou". It was compiled by Howard Thompson.

The CD backcover has a misprint: "Guts" is listed as "Cute."

Guts (card game)

Guts is a comparing card game, or family of card games, related to poker. Guts is a gambling game involving a series of deals of 2, 3, or 4 cards. Hand are ranked similarly to hands in poker. The betting during each deal is simple : all players decide whether they are "in" or "out", and announce this at the same time. Each deal has its own showdown, after which the losers match or increase the pot, which grows rapidly. A round of the game ends when only one person stays in and wins the pot.

Guts (film)

Guts is a 2009 Spanish crime drama film starring Hugo Silva and Carmelo Gómez.

Guts (The Walking Dead)

"Guts" is the second episode of the post-apocalyptic horror television series, The Walking Dead. It originally aired on AMC in the United States on November 7, 2010. The episode was written by Frank Darabont, the creator of the series, and directed by Michelle MacLaren. In the episode, Rick Grimes ( Andrew Lincoln) joins a small group of survivors in an attempt to escape Atlanta.

Guts (Joe McPhee and Peter Brötzmann album)

Guts is an album by Joe McPhee, Peter Brötzmann, Kent Kessler and Michael Zerang recorded in 2005 and released on the Okka Disc label in 2006.

Usage examples of "guts".

It was the diary that fleshed the thing out for us, told us about these people and their guts and how they exploded all over each other.

She kicked at it and her foot went in and through it and it spilled ropy guts and gouted blood.

When I got there I went to the Medical wing for my own fever-box cure and to do some thinking about girls with guts, one way or the other.

He'd be the proper man to send out to the Mil, but- That hothead forgets that no Lotharian has the guts,' he threw in, 'besides himself, because he did it one day on a wager, to walk into a Mil ship until it's been completely decontaminated.

It sounds like a drug-weakened dreamer, filled with delinade, not guts and blood.

The sinking feeling, cold and heavy in his guts, constantly overrode discretion, urging him to greater speed.

Someone who had had the guts to steal a flitter didn't deserve to die un der Catteni forcewhips.

If they all died of it, retching their guts out on the decks, the whole crew together wouldn't make enough noise to be noticed.

Which, in this case, took considerable guts, despite that display while you ran the tape.

It took Helva a moment to realize she too was rocking with earthquake as three more volcanoes spewed out their guts skyward.

Darnell had taken a lot more crap from the old man when he puked his guts out before the ship left harbor.

No, there's not a one of them has the brains—saving your Blaize, maybe—or the guts to try anything, now that we've cut off their special deals.

Dilton hadn't had time to sic this guy on her, even if he'd the guts to do it.

Brannel would have to pretend to eat and just hope that he could control his rumbling guts until he had a chance to assuage his hunger from his secret cache.

Flim flam's spilling his guts: His Highness has rather an ex tensive operation--child labor in his rice paddies and mines, child prostitution, and a child farm where the healthiest are kept that way until someone can pay for the organ they need.