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A Gugelhupf, Guglhupf or Gugelhopf is a southern German, Austrian, Swiss and Alsatian marble cake or Bundt cake. Gugel- is supposedly a variation of the Middle High German gugel (' hood'), while -hupf is a variation of Hefe (' yeast'). Popular etymology says that the -hupf part comes from the German word hüpfen (to jump), as the yeast dough literally "jumps out of" the cake pan.

It is spelled in Hungarian, ( Cyrillic: ) in Serbo-Croatian and Macedonian, in Alsatian, in French and in Romanian. In Western Slovenia, it is also known as , and in Central and Eastern Slovenia, .

In Upper Austria it is known as Wacker or Wacka. It is called in Czech and Slovak, and babka in Polish. In Slovenia, the standard word is .

Usage examples of "gugelhupf".

Still it's an ill obsessive compulsive disorder that brings no one any good, so Sam was able to fetch me from Austria a cake called a Wiener Apfelstrudel Gugelhupf, a Gottinger bacon cake, a selection of wurst and eight bottles of a decent Gerwurtstraminer.