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n. (plural of guffaw English) vb. (en-third-person singular of: guffaw)

Usage examples of "guffaws".

Flumes of liquid mud spewed up around him, eliciting loud guffaws and hearty laughter from those on the wall.

That one faced away in obvious repugnance, eliciting the loud guffaws of the Hansa seamen.

Spewing forth a flume of water, he had gotten clumsily to his knees, then to his feet, presenting the servants with such an hilarious spectacle that their giggles and guffaws could not be contained.

He dissolved into tearful guffaws again, and it was not until he sobered under Maxim's disgusted glare that he continued.

In an instant an uproar of guffaws, shrieks, and muffled threats filled the hall as Katarina gave vent to promises of dire recompense to a brutish cousin.

He rumbled, then choked, then burst out into great guffaws of laughter.

Suddenly, the room was filled with booming guffaws and snorts of amusement.

Her ire would invariably be greeted with guffaws, and a patronizing slap on the rump or a squeezed breast.

This remark drew rather louder guffaws from the squires accompanying him.

More guffaws rose from the idlers on the dock, and Vaijon muttered a few words Sir Charrow would not have approved of as he felt his ears burn afresh.

The crowd were in an uproar, half drunken guffaws, half wails of embarrassment and sympathy.

Sanders even remarked once, between high-pitched guffaws, that Paperman ought to keep notes, and one day write a book.

He was hearing hoarse guffaws and shouting in the hotel, coming from the vicinity of the bar or the dance terrace.

Lester Atlas was in the water not far from them, disporting with Hatsy and Patsy in great showers of spray and bursts of guffaws, giggles, and shrieks.

His massive arm was round Gabrielle's neck, and every few moments his loud guffaws would ring out through the frosty air right across the market place.