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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
a guerrilla raid (=a raid by a small unofficial military group)
▪ From their base in the rainforest they staged guerilla raids on Nicaragua.
a guerrilla war (=involving a small unofficial military group)
▪ The nine-year guerrilla war has ended at last.
guerrilla gardening
▪ Guerrilla gardeners came late in the night and turned the area outside the building into a vegetable patch.
guerrilla marketing
guerrilla warfare (=involving a small unofficial military group)
▪ Sporadic fighting turned into full-scale guerrilla warfare.
▪ At present guerrilla activity was reported in Kyongji province, north and south Chungchong provinces and on the island of Cheju.
▪ He is believed to have perished fairly early in the prolonged series of guerrilla activities he inaugurated against Rome.
▪ At the moment of writing in early 1991, Kumana, Gol-Oya and Wilpattu are no-go areas owing to guerrilla activity.
▪ At the same time limited continuation of guerrilla activity would continue indefinitely.
▪ In real life the distinction between sheer brigandage and patriotic guerrilla activities was often blurred.
▪ By their guerrilla activities they hoped to generate a revolt against Rome, thereby hastening the coming of the Kingdom.
▪ Over 100 of those killed were paramilitary gendarmes who were stationed in the area to counter Kurdish guerrilla activity.
▪ He said that guerrilla attacks would henceforth be directed at military targets, state companies and economic installations among others.
▪ At midday six guerrilla fighters arrive to help them from a military base near to their village.
▪ Navarro's participation also marginalized the remaining left-wing guerrilla forces, who reportedly impeded voting in some towns.
▪ The rest of the family decided to join the guerrilla forces.
▪ All the Kashmiri guerrilla groups denied any involvement in the assassination, and many blamed the government security forces.
▪ In each guerrilla group you need a nucleus of men who know, understand and trust Masud.
▪ The prosecution contended that Rashid had been chief lieutenant to Abu Ibrahim, leader of the May 15 guerrilla group.
▪ This once pleasant city of 1.5m people is now divided into a patchwork of small fiefs controlled by rival guerrilla groups.
▪ Television stations would be expected to broadcast photographs of guerrilla leaders with offers of rewards for information.
▪ Death of guerrilla leader Jacobo Arenas died of a heart attack on Aug. 10 at the age of 74.
▪ Rhee and his followers had tried to liquidate the guerrilla movement in the south but had failed.
▪ The democratic approach inherent in the guerrilla movement would triumph ultimately.
▪ Warouw blamed the left-wing nationalist guerrilla movement Fretilín for the incident, and promised an investigation.
▪ He was later released through Romero's efforts, at which point he joined a guerrilla movement and was killed in combat.
▪ In Parliament there was non-cooperation that became almost a guerrilla war between the parties.
▪ In early 1990 the guerrilla war intensified, with rising casualties among both the local population and the security forces.
▪ At other times, they waged an incessant guerrilla war, attacking isolated Roman garrisons, ambushing caravans, cutting supply routes.
▪ I see now that these were just the first skirmishes in a never-ending guerrilla war.
▪ Their strategy seems to be widespread but low- level guerrilla warfare to discredit and destabilise the Phnom Penh government.
▪ He has studied the art of guerrilla warfare, he's read Mao.
▪ Detailed plans for Operation Mayibuye, an outline for guerrilla warfare and foreign intervention, were revealed.
▪ They also collected some weapons recovered from parishioners and - more important in this mounted guerrilla warfare - they collected several saddles.
▪ The enemy cunningly avoided direct confrontation and concentrated on guerrilla warfare.
guerrilla warfare
▪ Four Western tourists held by armed guerrillas in Kashmir began their seventh month in captivity today.
▪ Red Cross officials condemned the treatment that imprisoned guerrillas have received.
▪ The guerrillas began their assault on March 8th.
▪ Cumings concludes that Kim was probably based at Kharborovsk from 1941 to 1945 and conducted his guerrilla forays from there.
▪ He is believed to have perished fairly early in the prolonged series of guerrilla activities he inaugurated against Rome.
▪ In real life the distinction between sheer brigandage and patriotic guerrilla activities was often blurred.
▪ In reality guerrilla action was largely indiscriminate with sporadic attacks on the occasional landlord, local official, or police post.
▪ It saddled liberalism with the problem of generals in politics and the mystique of the guerrilla.
▪ Porlier found his career as a guerrilla general rewarded by posting to a provincial garrison.
▪ Simultaneously a bomb at the National Institute of Public Administration killed one guerrilla and injured four other people.
▪ The rest of the family decided to join the guerrilla forces.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Guerrilla \Guer*ril"la\, a. Pertaining to, or engaged in, warfare carried on irregularly and by independent bands; as, a guerrilla party; guerrilla warfare.


Guerrilla \Guer*ril"la\, n. [Sp., lit., a little war, skirmish, dim. of guerra war, fr. OHG. werra discord, strife. See War.]

  1. An irregular mode of carrying on war, by the constant attacks of independent bands, adopted in the north of Spain during the Peninsular war.

  2. One who carries on, or assists in carrying on, irregular warfare; especially, a member of an independent band engaged in predatory excursions in war time.

    Note: The term guerrilla is the diminutive of the Spanish word guerra, war, and means petty war, that is, war carried on by detached parties; generally in the mountains. . . . A guerrilla party means, an irregular band of armed men, carrying on an irregular war, not being able, according to their character as a guerrilla party, to carry on what the law terms a regular war.
    --F. Lieder.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

"fighter in an irregular, independent armed force," 1809, from Spanish guerrilla "body of skirmishers, skirmishing warfare," literally "little war," diminutive of guerra "war," from a Germanic source (cognate with Old High German werra "strife, conflict, war;" see war (n.)). Figurative use by 1861. As an adjective from 1811. Acquired by English during the Peninsular War (1808-1814); purists failed in their attempt to keep this word restricted to "irregular warfare" and prevent it taking on the sense properly belonging to guerrillero "guerrilla fighter."


a. 1 (context military English) Relating to, using, or typical of guerrilla warfare, or its principles of small independent or non-official perpetrators. 2 (context marketing English) Relating to, using, or typical of guerrilla marketing. n. 1 (context now rare English) A non-official war carried out by small independent groups; a guerrilla war. 2 A soldier in a small independent group, fighting against the government or regular forces by surprise raids.


n. a member of an irregular armed force that fights a stronger force by sabotage and harassment [syn: guerilla, irregular, insurgent]


adj. used of independent armed resistance forces; "guerrilla warfare"; "partisan forces" [syn: guerrilla(a), guerilla(a), underground, irregular]

Guerrilla (album)

Guerrilla is the third studio album by Welsh rock band the Super Furry Animals. The record was released on 14 June 1999 by Creation Records and peaked at number 10 in the UK Albums Chart. Guerrilla was conceived as a commercial 'pop' album and was produced by the band themselves, as regular producer Gorwel Owen felt exhausted after a busy schedule working for other bands. Recording took place at Real World Studios, Box, Wiltshire in mid-1998 with the group experimenting with a sampler for the first time and writing a number of songs in the studio. The band tried to create a 45-minute long, immediate sounding record, and therefore chose the upbeat songs from the 25 tracks which were recorded during sessions for the album. Guerrilla was chosen as the album's title as a pun on the group's name.

The album features a mix of musical styles and was described as exemplifying the 'nu-psychedelia' musical genre by British music magazine the NME. Singer Gruff Rhys has stated that his lyrics are upbeat and disposable. Critical reception was generally positive with the record appearing in the "Best album of 1999" lists issued by several magazines. It was subsequently ranked at number 311 on the NME's list of " The 500 Greatest Albums of All Time". The band were disappointed with the relative lack of success of the album's singles and went on "pop strike" as a result, issuing the ' lo-fi', all- Welsh language Mwng as the follow-up to Guerrilla in May 2000.

Guerrilla (disambiguation)

Guerrilla warfare is irregular warfare and combat.

Guerrilla may also refer to:

Guerrilla (2011 film)

Guerrilla is a 2011 Bangladeshi film based on the events of the Bangladesh Liberation War. An adaptation of the novel Nishiddho Loban by Syed Shamsul Huq, it was released on 14 April 2011.

Nishiddho Loban, the novel, is written by the prolific Bengali writer Syed Shamsul Huq. It has been envisioned by the director of the film Nasiruddin Yousuf Bachchu. He has crafted the film Guerrilla with his own experience as a freedom fighter of 1971.

Guerrilla (1985 film)

Guerrilla is a 1985 Indian Malayalam film, directed by KS Gopalakrishnan. The film had musical score by KJ Joy.

Usage examples of "guerrilla".

He saw Darryl Adin and his gang training the Gellesenians in guerrilla warfare, hoping to make the price of taking the planet too high in Konor lives.

Perhaps not surprisingly, the norms of Aggressor guerrilla warfare were already adapted for instruction of Americans and their allies in real-world unconventional warfare in the 1950s.

MAG-21, Sergeant Ward had been impressed with the Marine Aviator who had spent a year as a guerrilla in the Philippines.

The guerrillas had placed an antipersonnel mine on the inside floor with a strong, biforked branch wedged between the door handle and the pressure switch of the mine.

The guerrillas, plodding slowly and burdened with their sick, followed the smell of the warm deer and the trail of its freshly spilled blood.

Another thing that perplexed Hero Buss was that their guns were not typical guerrilla weapons but the kind used for urban operations.

In a few moments more the prisoners were all secured, and, after a horse had been caught and saddled, the guerrilla placed upon it, his hands still bound, and the coxswain was ordered to take charge of him.

All had intended to take part in the journey, and those not chosen to go were disappointed and were mollified only when Van Duyn took them aside to explain the commission of war with which they were to be invested as guerrillas.

The act of silencing sentries is especially important when envolving oneself in a guerrilla struggle.

Thanking Leo, Tammy got the pilot to describe the military installations in the target city, showing that the Gekko guerrilla bands bleeding the settler militia were based among non-combatants.

Leo, Tammy got the pilot to describe the military installations in the target city, showing that the Gekko guerrilla bands bleeding the settler militia were based among non-combatants.

The Primero turned back to receive updates from the independent guerrillas and jihadi forces in two occupied villages.

One of the guerrillas, concealed behind a rock outcropping, tossed a grenade as Lemmon led a charge against the camp.

The next morning, Palestinian guerrillas backed by Muslim militiamen fought pitched battles in the streets of Beirut with Christians from the Phalangist and Tigers militias.

John believed herself to be a member of a small courageous group of left-wing guerrillas, intent on wresting the land of her birth from its racialist fascist conquerors and delivering it unto the joys of Marxist communism.