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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Guerilla \Gue*ril"la\, a. See Guerrilla.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

variant of guerrilla (q.v.); compare French guérilla.


n. (alternative spelling of guerrilla English)


adj. used of independent armed resistance forces; "guerrilla warfare"; "partisan forces" [syn: guerrilla(a), guerilla(a), underground, irregular]


n. a member of an irregular armed force that fights a stronger force by sabotage and harassment [syn: guerrilla, irregular, insurgent]

Usage examples of "guerilla".

Chosen reprisals will fall hardest on the location where guerilla activity flares up.

Another light was blinking to port, the guerilla pickup who would smuggle them out through the mountains, if they could reach shore and then avoid the Land patrols.

John was a guerilla sniper, invisible even at ten yards in his camouflage blanket, a net sewn with strips of cloth in shades of ochre, gray, and brown.

Land forces battered their way through guerilla harassment and started to bring their weight to bear on the Santander blocking elements.

A few men had gathered round him, and he had at once raised his standard as a guerilla chief.

Also, I owe much to the guerilla chief Moras, with whom I acted for six weeks, last autumn.

Garcia had returned, being altogether dissatisfied with the feeble proceedings of the guerilla chief.

Shortly thereafter, he was sent back to the camps to do slave work for the guerilla armies.

In this region alone, the number of guerilla training camps had to have risen exponentially.

Just before he died, he had written a handbook offering very practical advice for creating a modern guerilla unit.

He had seen Castro coming, even when he was considered a mosquito, fighting his sporadic guerilla actions up in the mountains.

This region is the home of large leftist guerilla army units that include narco-terrorists, criminal gangs, and international Islamist terrorist operations.

Jagger at the other, both armed with Schmeisser machine-pistols, and Fayeed leading a guerilla group which commanded the rest of the trophy room.

He shouted at the guerilla who answered his summons to take Feisal to the trophy room and inform either Smith or Dunkels that the agent had escaped.

Arab kept his gun on Sabrina as the door closed behind the guerilla and the terrified boy.