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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Guards \Guards\ (g[aum]rdz), n. pl. A body of picked troops; as, ``The Household Guards.''


n. (plural of guard English)

Guards (band)

Guards are an American three piece Indie rock band based in New York. They consist of Richie Follin, Loren Humphrey (both of Willowz) and Kaylie Church. They released their debut album, In Guards We Trust, in February 2013.

Guards (steamboat)

Guards on a steamboat were extensions of the main deck out from the boat’s main hull. Guards were originally adopted for side-wheel steamboats to protect the paddle wheels and to provide a mounting point for the outer ends of the paddle wheel shafts. The main deck planking extended out over the guards, and when a steamboat was fully loaded, and sunk deeply in the water, it often appeared that the edges of the guards marked the line of the hull.

The size of the guards was governed, on a sidewheeler, by the width of the paddle-wheels and their housings. On early steamboats operating on the Mississippi and Ohio rivers the overall width of the vessel, counting the guards, did not exceed more than about one-third of the hull width. However, by the 1850s, the width of the guards in extreme cases was more than twice the width of the hull.

For example, the hull of the Jacob Strader, a large vessel (905 tons) built in 1853 for the Cincinnati and Louisville Mail Line, was 27.5 feet wide, but measured over the guards the main deck was 69 feet across. While the Strader was an extreme case, it was common for guards to make the main deck 50 to 75 per cent wider than the hull.

Guards were also used on sternwheelers, where, with the paddle wheel being mounted at the stern, they had no structural function on the vessel. On sternwheelers the guards gave additional room to store freight and fuel, allowed a passage between different parts of the boat, and provided a place for passengers to promenade.

One problem with guards was that they could make the steamboat less stable, and with the type of boilers used on the Ohio-Mississippi boats, even a list of ten or twelve inches to one side could cause the boilers to malfunction, which, if prolonged, could result in an explosion. This was difficult to manage, especially when for example passengers would crowd along one side of a boat to observe an attraction.

Usage examples of "guards".

All he cared about now was getting past the guards before delirium set in.

The air was still, which would make it harder to slip by the guards, but easier to hear the approach of their prey.

He still clutched the stone in his right hand, and now, with the guards approaching, he heaved it with all his might, up into the night sky and over the wall to the other side.

As they crossed through the inner gatehouse, however, one of the guards stopped them.

Xaver was confronted by two guards, both of them looking tall and burly in the torchlight.

Javan had them stop so that he could summon two of his guards to the front of the company.

Xaver could see the gate clearly now, as well as the guards standing on either side of it.

As they drew nearer, two men joined these guards, both of them carrying golden horns that shone in the sun.

Most of them turned away before reaching the castle guards, but Cadel continued to the gate and started to walk through as if he belonged there.

The later it got, the lower Panya would be in the night sky, and the harder it would be for the castle guards to see him climbing like a spider across the wall of the inner keep.

He already knew most of what his father told him, having heard it all from guards, servants, and some of the older boys in the court, and their ride seemed to last twenty years.

The tower was quiet, and there were guards posted at the top of the stairs.

There she found two more guards near the rooms of the duke of Curgh and his company.

Had the guards not been holding him, he would have fallen to the floor.

An instant later he turned his back on them and returned to his discussion with the guards, as if the duke and Fotir were of no consequence at all.