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GSX may refer to:

  • Asurada GSX, a fictional racing car from Future GPX Cyber Formula
  • Grand Strand Expressway, a proposed alternative to Interstate 73 in South Carolina
  • Graphics System Extension (GSX), a predecessor of Digital Research's Graphics Environment Manager (GEM)
  • Government Secure Extranet (GSx)
  • Suzuki GSX series of sport touring motorcycles
  • Suzuki GSX-R series of sport motorcycles
  • Gibraltar Stock Exchange, the stock exchange of Gibraltar
  • Global Service Exchange, an Apple Inc support system for authorized providers
Gsx (gene family)

The Gsx gene family are a group of genes found in many, but not all, animals. Gsx genes contain a homeobox DNA sequence and code for proteins that act as transcription factors. The human genome has two Gsx genes, called GSX1 and GSX2 (formerly GSH1 and GSH2), while the fruitfly Drosophila has a single Gsx gene called ind. Vertebrate Gsx genes are implicated in neural patterning. In many animals, Gsx genes can be part of a ParaHox gene cluster.