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interj. (alternative spelling of grr English)


Grrr or grr is an onomatopoeia for growling.

Grrr may also refer to:

Grrr (advertisement)

Grrr is a 2004 advertising campaign launched by Honda to promote its newly launched i-CTDi diesel engines in the United Kingdom. The campaign, which centred on a 90-second television and cinema advert, also comprised newspaper and magazine advertisements, radio commercials, free distributed merchandise, and an internet presence which included an online game, e-mail advertising, and an interactive website. The campaign was created and managed by the advertising agency Wieden+Kennedy (W+K). W+K were given a budget of £600,000 for production of the television commercial, a process which lasted six months. The piece was directed by Adam Foulkes and Alan Smith, produced by London-based production company Nexus Productions, and featured American author Garrison Keillor singing the campaign's theme song. Grrr premiered on British cinema screens on September 24, 2004.

Grrr was both a critical and financial success. It was the most-awarded campaign of 2005, sweeping awards ceremonies within the television and advertising industries, including the year's Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival, from which it took home the Film Grand Prix—considered the most prestigious honour in the advertising industry. The campaign proved popular with the British public, and Honda reported that its brand awareness figures more than doubled in the period following the campaign's debut. Overall sales of Honda products within the UK increased by more than 35%, and sales of diesel-engine Accords shot from 518 units in 2003 to 21,766 units in 2004. Adweek magazine picked the ad as the overall commercial of the decade in 2009.

Grrr (Hugh Masekela album)

Grrr is the second studio album by South African musician Hugh Masekela. It was recorded in New York City and released in 1966 via Mercury Records. Grrr was re-released on LP in 1968 on Wing/Mercury labels as Hugh Masekela and on CD in 2003 on Verve label. On this record, he seamlessly fuses jazz ideas with the rhythmically complex South African music known as Mbaqanga.