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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ Can he afford an infield grounder from the scrappy player, which could lead to a double play?
▪ He got Jones to hit a scary grounder through the box that rookie second baseman Craig Counsell gloved.
▪ I throw him four grounders, which he fields cleanly.
▪ Jeffrey Hammonds followed with what could have been a double-play grounder.
▪ Omar Vizquel was next, and he hit a sharp grounder to the right of second base.
▪ The defense lapsed in the sixth, when shortstop Craig Shipley muffed a spinning grounder.
▪ Then a pop fly, a grounder and a ball.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

grounder \grounder\ (ground"[~e]r), n. (Baseball) A batted ball that hits the ground before it leaves the infield, or the act of hitting a baseball along the ground; also called ground ball; -- contrasted with fly or fly ball.

Syn: .

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

"one who establishes," c.1400, agent noun from ground (v.). Baseball sense attested by 1867; earlier in cricket.


n. (context baseball English) A ground ball.


n. (baseball) a hit that travels along the ground [syn: ground ball, groundball, hopper]

Usage examples of "grounder".

Place the lumbering Horton hit a twisting grounder to McCord, who batted it down with his mitt, jumped for it, turned and fell on the base, but too late to get his man.

Finally Wu managed to hit the balla weak grounder that spun and wobbled in circles of ever decreasing limits.

They came within one out of it last yearat Shea Stadium this was, against the Metsand then this guy named Bill Buckner who was playing first base let an easy grounder get through his wickets.

Some who had been grounders bought floaters and joined the restless throngs in the sky.

He took Hatty out onto the Arizona practice field, fed him grounders, and tried to teach him footwork.

He had no wish to perfect himself in the hitting of long-distance balls, grounders, or treacherous bunts -- besides, Heini Kadlubek was a past master at long-distance balls.

Here on the parade-ground a soldier, his coat and vest removed, was batting grounders and flies to a half-dozen of his fellows.

I knocked grounders and line drives toward Huge, who now could field with the best of them.

Proscription is the work of a bunch of bureaucrats, a lot of nervous nellies, grounders all.

Mary Catherine knocked a difficult grounder out to one of her Tuscola cousins.

I simply couldn't forgive him for the base on balls that led to Buzzy Thurston's easy grounder .

There are few women in their mid-thirties stroking grounders and line drives.

To make it all the more exciting, Bogart hit safely, ran like a deer to third on Mullaney's grounder, which Wiler knocked down, and scored on a passed ball.

It was a grounder, but I stopped it and kept Hannie from going to second base.

She considered the situation for just a moment, using pretty much the same thought process as if she was deciding to throw a grounder to first or second, then pulled the pin and spun her right arm in a whirlwind motion, slamming the grenade upward to ricochet off the roof and back down into the group.