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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ EastEnders, once renowned for gritty realism and giant characters, is now awash with pygmies acting out absurd leftish fantasies.
▪ Songs are set in everyday situations and many listeners appreciate the gritty realism, although others consider the earthiness intolerably shallow.
▪ But then she also thinks Eldorado is full of gritty realism!
▪ a gritty dust storm
▪ a gritty football player
▪ A shower of gritty dust pattered on her face.
▪ As a smouldering, glowering, gritty dance-rock sound-system, they are a mini-triumph.
▪ Barton are gathered in a gritty city backyard in the black Hill District of Pittsburgh to mourn his passing.
▪ His bare feet scraping on the gritty cement pavement made such an unpleasant sound that Fakhru decided not to follow too closely.
▪ His was gritty northern comedy at it's best.
▪ In their studio, gritty Delta edges were given a smooth, appealing, urban sheen that crossed easily over racial lines.
▪ The stair-carpet was gritty to her bare soles.
▪ The watering can was gritty metal with an ugly snub spout.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Gritty \Grit"ty\ (-t[y^]), a.

  1. Containing sand or grit; consisting of grit; caused by grit; full of hard particles.

  2. Spirited; resolute; unyielding. [Colloq., U. S.]

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1590s, from grit + -y (2). In sense of "unpleasant" (of literature, etc.), from 1882, in reference to the sensation of eating gritty bread. Related: Grittily; grittiness.


a. 1 Containing sand or grit; consisting of grit; caused by grit; full of hard particles. 2 Spirited; resolute; unyielding. 3 (context film literature English) Intense and starkly realistic, especially if violent.

  1. adj. composed of or covered with relatively large particles; "granular sugar"; "gritty sand" [syn: farinaceous, coarse-grained, grainy, granular, granulose, mealy, sandy]

  2. willing to face danger [syn: game, gamy, gamey, mettlesome, spirited, spunky]

  3. [also: grittiest, grittier]

Usage examples of "gritty".

Korky, getting up on Sunday, saw Miss Bombazine facing the hot, gritty air from her half-open window.

Sunlight glinted from the gritty fractured ice, producing a halolike aura at the upper limit of the atmosphere.

The film had a new, liberated attitude towards sex, not the hypocritical titillation of Tinseltown but a gritty, down-to-earth, Lawrentian approach in keeping with the changing times.

Cathy, George scuttled through the much shortened Earth gate onto gritty pavestones wet by a misting cold rain.

But before reaching the end of her course, the fine gritty soil settled out into an immense fan-shaped deposit, a mud-clogged wilderness of low islands and banks surrounded by shallow lakes and winding streams, as though the Great Mother of rivers was so exhausted from her long journey that she dropped her heavy load of silt just short of her destination, then staggered slowly to the sea.

His family lived upstairs, and outside in the gritty hostile soil of his back yard, Simcha planted corn and radishes, peas, carrots and cucumbers.

Sophie, we laid out five hawsers an-end with our best bower firm in gritty ooze to warp the frigate out in case the high battery should knock any spars away, stood in before dawn with a moderate NNE breeze and began hammering the batteries guarding the entrance.

Until the pointing out of the cyclists Clive had managed to force himself to enjoy, indeed to revel in, the wild drinkers, the dirt, the litter, the terrible record company tosspots, the whole gritty urban shmeer of north London but the cyclists spoilt it all.

We descended to the next floor, and went along another, grittier corridor.

Much of it was underground, especially the grittier parts, so that the urban area was an attractive blend of well-trimmed forest and carefully maintained gravlanes, traced through neighborhoods where single-family units snuggled behind leafy screens.

Gritty particles of mortar drifted from it as Spuggy held it up to view.

All around us in gray toppers and frothy dresses the Ascot crowd swirled, a feast to the eye in the sunshine, a ritual in make-believe, a suppression of gritty truth.

On September 11, as on most mornings, they slowly snaked their way through the city on US Route 1, passing gritty strip malls selling doughnuts and pizza, and cheap motels with parking lots of aging cars and tractorless cabs.

Hector, whose inside was continually being churned with cathartics, very often had this symptom, and the worm powder was poured from its pink tissue wrapper upon his tongue, followed by a gobbet of jam which only made the dose more gritty and nauseous.

The basalt outcrop contained a gritty rock that flaked poorly, unlike the colorful cherts and fine-grained quartzite tool stone One Who Cries cherished.