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In Norse mythology, Grani is a horse owned by the hero Sigurd. He is the horse that Sigurd receives through advice from an old man ( Odin). Grani is a descendant of Odin's own steed, Sleipnir.

Usage examples of "grani".

Then Grani spoke for the others and said he would pay all heed to her words, and they departed to join their company.

Hiarandi of the Elkings also, and Valtyr of the Laxings, Geirbald of the Shieldings, Agni of the Daylings, Angantyr of the Bearings, Geirodd of the Beamings, Gunbald of the Vallings: all these, with the two valiant woodwrights, Steinulf and Grani, laid hand to the bier.

He must have known of her passion for gold because when he died he left four hundred Roman grani with a papal eagle and ut commonius engraved on the back, and three gold coins with the face of Charles II, King of Spain.

The silver ducat of Naples is worth 80 grani, or rather less than 80 cents: the golden ducat, or sequin, of Italy, Holland, Turkey, etc.

Skerry asked with a wary look, as he closed the gate of the stall that housed dapple-grey Grani and stepped out into the aisle.

Nabokov and his friend Sasha Chorny began to select a volume of Sirin poems to be published by Grani, a new press Chorny was setting in motion.

Ogden did not, for he tumbled backward as Dragon approached, kneeing Grani forward slowly as his ruddied blade flashed in the sun.

His face grim, he whistled to Sleipnir, set his heels to Grani, and set off at a gallop for Hawkforte.

His gaze fell on Sleipnir and Grani, being offloaded from the adjacent drakar.

In the stable, Dragon led Grani and Sleipnir from their stalls as Rycca lifted the saddle blankets off the pegs where they were kept.

On the quay, riding Grani, her surprise and pride when she realized the gift Dragon had given her.