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n. 1 (context colloquial humorous English) grandpa, grandfather. 2 (context by extension English) old man.


n. the father of your father or mother [syn: grandfather, granddad, grandad, granddaddy, grandpa]


Gramps (formerly GRAMPS, an acronym for Genealogical Research and Analysis Management Programming System) is Free and open source genealogy software. Gramps is programmed in Python using PyGObject. It uses Graphviz to create relationship graphs.

Usage examples of "gramps".

While Gramps and Maeve were busy in the kitchen, Teddy wandered into the downstairs study.

One word to Gramps, and mansions with suitable fireplaces would be laid open for her inspection.

Usually it was gentle and soothing, but when there were storms it would roar, and Gramps said it was a monster, eating back the land.

One time, Gramps came over and yelled at Mommy, but he stopped after a while.

It appeared Gramps had passed muster, because his name was included in all the most recent correspondence.

He might be silver haired and eighty years old, but she held no illusions about Gramps being an easy takedown.

She and Gramps moved quietly across the carpeted floor, toward another door on the opposite side of the office.

Startled, Diana ducked into the vehicle and slid across the leather seat to make room for Gramps, who was close behind her.

Earnshaw surmised-and just as correctly-that Gramps found him a fool and that it would do no harm to get on the good side of the old codger.

Desmond pick you up off the floor-but only when Gramps took over and gave the orders.

Contrary to what the residents seemed to believe, Gramps had left him property but no cash.

The care of his son had eaten into his last small reserves of cash, and now with Gramps himself dead and the ominous threat of double death dudes hanging over Easterhay, Nell had no idea how on earth she was going to keep her promise to her grandfather.

But to Gramps she was just a woman a frail creature who need protecting and directing.

The pointer had been a birthday gift from Joss to Gramps, and with the loyalty of her breed had attached herself to him devotedly.

It was so nice, Grin and Gramps were here for two days and we talked about old times and lay around the living room.