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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Graal \Graal\ (gr[=a]l), n. See Grail, a dish.


n. (obsolete form of grail English)


Graal may refer to:

  • Graal Radio, online radio
  • A style of glassblowing
  • Holy Grail, or "Graal" in older forms
  • Graal-Müritz, a health resort by the Baltic Sea in Germany
  • Graal (compiler), an Oracle project aiming to implement a high-performance Java dynamic compiler and interpreter
  • Graal (album), an album by Polish rapper Medium.
Graal (compiler)

Graal is an Oracle project aiming to implement a high performance Java dynamic compiler and interpreter.

The objective of Graal is to improve the performance of Java virtual machine-based languages to match the performance of native languages.

Graal (album)

Graal (stylized as Gr44l; ) is the second album by Polish rapper Tau and the last released under the pseudonym Medium. It was released as a double album on November 20, 2012 by Asfalt Records. Recording took place during 2012 at Studio Łukasza Kowalskiego in Kielce with DJ Deszczu Strugi in charge of mixing the album. As with his previous album Teoria równoległych wszechświatów, production and arrangement were overseen by Medium himself.

The album was promoted with two singles: "Hologram" features a guest appearance by American rapper Gift of Gab, and "Skwer pod słońcem", which was accompanied by a promotional video clip featuring Medium's fans. Graal also features guest appearances by O.S.T.R., Bisz and Te-Tris. The album peaked at number 18 on the Polish OLiS albums chart

On the album Medium addresses questions of patriotism, his attachment to Christian values, and his relationship with God. The rapper also criticizes the issues of globalization, homosexuality and political correctness. Although it was well-received, Graal also met with criticism, mainly for its lyrics which were considered too radical by most reviewers and listeners.

Usage examples of "graal".

Mornington sprang out and opened the door for the Archdeacon, who got out, still holding the Graal, and the three ran to the front door, which opened before them.

The priest-king turned to the Archdeacon and held the Graal out to him.

God knows what language they write in), Escuela Hermetista Occidental of Montevideo, the National Institute of Cabala in Manhattan, the Central Ohio Temple of Hermetic Science, Tetra-Gnosis of Chicago, Ancient Brethren of the Rosie-Cross of Saint Cyr-sur-Mer, Johannite Fraternity for the Templar Resurrection in Kassel, International Fraternity of Isis in Grenoble, Ancient Bavarian Illuminati of San Francisco, the Sanctuary of Gnosis of Sherman Oaks, the Grail Foundation of America, Sociedade do Graal do Brasil, Hermetic Brotherhood of Luxor, Lectorium Rosicrucianum in Holland, the Grail Movement of Strasbourg, Order of Anubis in New York, Temple of the Black Pentacle in Manchester, Odinist Fellowship in Florida, the Order of the Garter (even the Queen of England must be in that one), the Order of the Vril (neo-Nazi Masons, no address), Militia Templi in Montpellier, Sovereign Order of the Solar Temple in Monte Carlo, Rosy Cross of Harlem (you understand?