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Gor is the parallel universe Counter-Earth setting for John Norman's extended series of sword and planet novels. The series is inspired particularly by the Barsoom series and Almuric, but is also known for its content combining philosophy, erotica, and science fantasy. The series has been variably referred to by publishers with several names including The Chronicles of Counter-Earth ( Ballantine Books), The Saga of Tarl Cabot ( DAW Books), Gorean Cycle ( Tandem Books), Gorean Chronicles (Masquerade Books), Gorean Saga (Open Road Media), and The Counter-Earth Saga (DAW Books, for novels with a protagonist other than Tarl Cabot). Among some members of the Gorean subculture they are often known as The Scrolls. The customs, terminology and imagery depicted in these books inspired a Gorean subculture, with lifestyle adherents online and off. The science fiction-inspired books have taken in influences from other genres, such as fantasy novels and other works.

Gor (disambiguation)

Gor is an alternate-world setting for a novel series by John Norman.

Gor or GOR may also refer to:

In places:

  • Gór, Hungary, a village in Hungary
  • Gor, Sikkim, a village in India
  • Gor (Spain), a town in Granada, Spain
  • Gōr, an ancient city in what is now Firouzabad, Fars Province, Iran

In fiction:

  • Gor (film), a 1988 film based on the Norman book series, or the Gorean culture upon which film and books are based.
  • Gor Saga, a novel by Maureen Duffy
  • Gor, a type of Beastman in Warhammer Fantasy

In other uses:

  • Gór, a legendary Norse ancestral hero, brother of Nór
  • Gor-class gunboat, a class of gunboats built for the Royal Norwegian Navy in the 1880s
  • GOR method, a method for secondary structure prediction
  • Gas oil ratio
  • Gained Output Ratio of Vacuum Distillation Desalination Plants: GOR = Amount of product water / amount of used stream
  • Government Office Region, a tier of local government in England
  • Great Ocean Road, an Australian driving road
  • Gora (clan) or Gor, a clan of Jats in northern India
  • Gor is a community with administrative name as banjara available in India, Pakistan, Afghanistan and worldwide.
  • Gor (mythology), a mythical elephant in Pygmy mythology
Gor (film)

Gor is a 1988 science fiction and fantasy film based loosely on the novel The Tarnsman Of Gor, written by philosophy professor and author John Frederick Lange Jr. under his pen name John Norman. There was a sequel, Outlaw of Gor (1989).

Usage examples of "gor".

They were the two men whom I had first encountered on Gor, when I had awakened, nude, chained by the neck in the wilderness.

Indeed, when I had returned to Earth from my first trip to Gor I had found that one of the minor inconveniences of my return was reaccustoming myself to the simple business of sitting on chairs.

Gor, where girls may be the legal slaves of strong men, capable of mastering them.

City of Ar that I came to the Hall of Priest-Kings in the Sardar Mountains on the planet Gor, our Counter-Earth.

This pilgrimage to the Sardar, enjoyed by the Priest-Kings according to the Caste of the Initiates, undoubtedly plays its role in the distribution of beauty among the hostile cities of Gor.

Beyond this, there exists on Gor a variety of brands for women, though the Kajira brand, which Eta wore, is by far the most common.

The Dina brand is one of the more frequently found of the specialized brands on Gor.

I had seen few collars on Gor, but I had learned from Eta that there was great variety among them.

Gors, that established the war dog detraining program, one of the most important documents in the long history of the dogs in the U.

Clyde Henderson, Gors and I debated what to do with the remaining dogs on duty: some of the dogs from overseas that had been sent back to the War Dog Training School had already been euthanized without ever having been given the chance to be rehabilitated.

I told Gors that the dogs that were still on duty in the Pacific and in the States were the best: good, stable dogs.

Major Zeman Khan, which occurred at the fort of Gor Khatri at a time uncertain in the early hours of the morning on the 20th instant.

Joyfully, she figured that this plane must be on its way to Gor Khatri and that her reasoning had been correct: the fort lay to her left.

First Peshawar Scouts, based at Fort Hamilton as Gor Khatri was called before it was refurbished, was in the throes of a more than usually bloody struggle with the local Afridi.

Miss Coblenz back to Gor Khatri and I have to say I was afraid you might have wrecked my careful arrangements when your rag tag and bobtail outfit rolled into the fort!