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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Goldin \Gold"in\, Golding \Gold"ing\, n. (Bot.) [From the golden color of the blossoms.] A conspicuous yellow flower, commonly the corn marigold ( Chrysanthemum segetum). [This word is variously corrupted into gouland, gools, gowan, etc.]

Usage examples of "gools".

No sense in spilling the gools that kept her head alive, or slopping messy fluids all over the fine rugs of the chamber floor.

They weren't just petty breeders, like the Tassaliki, like the ancient scientists who created these headworms and gools four thousand years ago—those were mountebanks by comparison.

At once she rushed to him, to lift the head back to the table, restore the gel that would keep his gools alive.

The headworms wriggled in the open air and the gools slid off and slopped onto the floor.

The jar lurched as the gools and headworms attached themselves and fed.

Instead of the crystal globe of the mindstone, for us it was gools, headworms, and eviscerated rats dropped by a hawk into a glass jar.

He was a stonecutter, turning her own brain into a sort of heads hall, with all of the heads alive and staring down at her, yammering at once from their jars of gools and headworms.