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Gomme is a surname, and may refer to:

  • Alan Gomme-Duncan
  • Alice Gomme
  • Arnold Wycombe Gomme
  • George Gomme
  • (George) Laurence Gomme
  • Bernard de Gomme
Gomme (food)

Gomme is a traditional Norwegian dish used for dinner or dessert, usually as spread on slices of bread, lefse, and similar.

There are several regional and local variants. Whilst gomme is a sort of sweet cheese made of long-boiled milk, having a yellow or brown colour, there exists a white, porridge-like variant made of milk and oat grains or rice. Raisins and cinnamon are ingredients in most variants. The consistence varies from thin/soft to thick/hard.

Gomme is normally used as spread on lefse, milk cakes, and Norwegian-style waffles. Gomme is also used as regular spread on slices of bread. The use of gomme as an independent dish for dinner is rare nowadays, but has traditionally been used preferably at the end of large meals or instead of cakes after dinner.

Usage examples of "gomme".

They stopped in front of the Haute Gomme, where they picked up Sir George Kirkbank and Colonel Delville, a big man with a patriarchal head, supposed to be one of the finest whist players in London, and to make a handsome income by his play.

Sir Laurence Gomme regards this as an illustration of belief in a house-spirit whose residence is the hearth and whose element is the ever-burning sacred flame.

Laurence Gomme, and he is president of a learned body called the Folk Lore Society.