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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Homer \Ho"mer\, n. [Heb. kh[=o]mer.] A Hebrew measure containing, as a liquid measure, ten baths, equivalent to fifty-five gallons, two quarts, one pint; and, as a dry measure, ten ephahs, equivalent to six bushels, two pecks, four quarts. [Written also chomer, gomer.]


Etymology 1 n. A Hebrew measure of dry weight. Etymology 2

n. A conical chamber at the breech of the bore in heavy ordnance, especially in mortars. Etymology 3

n. (label en slang derogatory) A stupid, awkward, or oafish person.

Gomer (disambiguation)

Gomer was the son of Japheth in the Hebrew Bible.

Gomer may also refer to:


GOMER (also commonly goomer) is medical slang for a patient in an emergency room who is not in need of emergency services.

Gomer (wife of Hosea)

Gomer (go'-mer) was the wife of the prophet Hosea, mentioned in the Hebrew Bible's Book of Hosea. Hosea 1:2 refers to her alternatively as a " promiscuous woman" ( NIV), a " harlot" ( NASB), and a " whore" ( KJV) but Hosea is told to marry her according to Divine appointment. She is also described as the daughter of Diblaim.

Hosea 1 relates how Hosea has three children, a son called Jezreel, a daughter Lo-Ruhamah and another son Lo-Ammi. All the names are described in the text as having symbolic meaning, reflecting the relationship between God and Israel. Jezreel is named after the valley of that name. Lo-Ruhamah is named to denote the ruined condition of the kingdom of Israel and Lo-Ammi is named in token of God's rejection of his people. Although the latter two children are not specifically said to be Hosea's, James Mays says that this is "hardly an implication" of Gomer's adultery. In 3:1, however, it says that she is "loved by another man and is an adulteress" (NIV). Hosea is told to buy her back, and he does so for 15 shekels and a quantity of barley. Exodus 21:32 establishes the value of a maidservant at 30 shekels so Gomer's value is diminished. She is not mentioned again in the book.

Some analysts, following Felix Ernst Peiser, have suggested that this marriage is really a figurative or prophetic reference to a union between the " lost tribes of Israel" with the people of Gomer, following the Assyrian deportation.

The relationship between Hosea and Gomer has been posited to be a parallel to the relationship between God and Israel. Even though Gomer runs away from Hosea and sleeps with another man, he loves her anyway and forgives her. Likewise, even though the people of Israel worshiped other gods, God continued to love them and did not abandon his covenant with them.

According to Kirsten Abbott, feminist interpretation regards the story of Hosea and his relations with his wife Gomer as a metaphor for the conflict between a Covenant Theology (Israel violating the covenant relationship with YHWH) and a Creation Theology (YHWH will undo the fertility of the earth in response to Israel following other fertility gods).

Gomer (name)

Gomer was the son of Japheth in the Hebrew Bible.

People with the given name or surname include:

  • Gomer Berry, 1st Viscount Kemsley (1883–1968), Welsh colliery owner and newspaper publisher
  • Gomer Gunn (1885–1935), Welsh rugby union and rugby league footballer
  • Gomer Hughes (1910–1974), Welsh rugby union and rugby league footballer
  • Gomer Jones (1914–1971), American football player, coach and college athletics administrator
  • Gomer Griffith Smith (1896–1953), American politician
  • David Gomér (1897–1977), Swedish politician
  • Ez Gomér (born 1962), Swedish vocalist, bass player, songwriter and producer
  • Joseph Gomer (1920–2013), African-American World War II pilot, one of the Tuskegee Airmen
  • Robert Gomer (born 1924), Austrian chemist and professor
  • Sara Gomer (born 1964), English retired tennis player
  • Steve Gomer, American film and television director who made his debut in 1987

Usage examples of "gomer".

No, friends, I did not coin the word gomer, nor did I invent the cruelty toward those with that label.

He suffers from a senile tremor, the tremor of a gomer, of all the gomers of the year.

Fat Man gathered us around the electric gomer bed containing my patient, Mr.

But one of the key medical tools to TURF gomers elsewhere is the electric gomer bed.

Now, the first thing to notice is that the electric gomer bed has side rails.

In the middle of the night, when you get called for the fact that your gomer now has a blood pressure the same as an amoeba, you kick this pedal.

You can get any blood pressure you want out of your gomer, depending on how much Trendelenberg you order.

From this height, if a gomer goes to ground it is an automatic intertrochanteric fracture of a hip, and a TURF TO ORTHOPEDICS.

Halfway snickered on bourbon and beer, dressed in a House nightie with a wig to make me look like a gomer, I lay on the bottom bunk while the Runt babbled about pubescence and hooked me up to a cardiac monitor.

In a gomer falsetto I wailed HALP NURSE HALP NURSE HALP and they came to me.

When I tried to do that they pushed me back down and decided that I was a gomer and that since gomerS GO TO GROUND I needed to be restrained, and they began to work hard to do it.

Asking how long were her nipples, I began to be a gomer with an erection.

The most grotesque screaming gomer might arrive, and I could attack the case with the calm assurance that soon he would be TURFED elsewhere.

At one point, as I was BUFFING a gomer, I felt a tap on the back of my leg, low down.

It was crucial to our survival in Gomer City that we get answers, since even if we TURFED every Gomer out, if somehow each TURFED-out Gomer was to be replaced with a fresh one, why the hell bother at all?