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n. (plural of gold English) vb. (en-third-person singular of: gold)


Golds may refer to:

  • Golds (ethnic group), a Tungusic people of the Far East
  • Golds (jewelry), a type of jewelry worn over the teeth
  • Golds (surname), an Australian surname
  • Golds World of Judaica, the Southern Hemisphere's largest Judaica store
Golds (surname)

Golds is a British surname originating in Sussex, some of the Golds family emigrated to Australia in the mid 19th century. Notable persons with that surname include:

  • Cassandra Golds (born 1962), Australian writer
  • Shannon Golds (born 1986), Australian professional tennis player

Usage examples of "golds".

Before even Golds settle down to Vicaria and the permissible sex life, they go through a period of adjustment and sex-ploration.

The deeper subtleties are reserved for Golds and to some extent Blues and Greens.

In this section the women were all Golds, and they were in the process of having their babies removed from them aseptically, by robots, while still in early embryo stage.

That mound of dirt had caused the Golds more trouble than the riches it once gave them.