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Etymology 1 n. a girl’s elasticated hair band. Etymology 2

n. (context South Africa English) grandmother; elderly woman

Gogo (genus)

Gogo is a small genus of catfishes ( order Siluriformes) of the family Anchariidae. It includes four species.

Gogo species are all endemic to freshwater rivers in eastern Madagascar; they are primarily found in highland habitats with clear, swift water. These fish range in size from about 17.1–25.0 centimetres (6.7–9.8 in) in length.

Gogo (mayor of the palace)

Gogo (died 581) was the mayor of the palace of Austrasia and nutricius (also nutritius, tutor/regent) for the young Childebert II from 576 until his death.

Gogo had become a very prominent member of the court of Sigebert I by 565. It was he who headed an embassy to Spain to fetch the Visigothic princess Brunhilda, Sigebert's betrothed. When Sigebert was assassinated he, possibly at the request of Brunhilda, took over the regency for Sigebert and Brunhilda's son Childebert.

There is a letter, an important but difficult source, written by Gogo, but undated and unattached to the name of either king he served. It has traditionally been assigned to around the year of his death (581) and said to have been written on behalf of Childebert to the Lombard Duke of Friuli, Grasulf. An alternative solution put forward by Walter Goffart places it as early as 571–572 around the time of Sigebert's embassy to Constantinople.

Gogo (economics)

Gogo is a local, stable and convertible means of exchange proposed for use in Grand Forks, British Columbia, Canada.

Circulation of the Gogo is limited to the area of Grand Forks in southern British Columbia. Its value is based on the value of the Canadian dollar in 1980, and is forever stable at that level. This means that prices in the Gogo will never change.

Acceptance of the Gogo dollar in Grand Forks is minimal, and its success is not comparable with other local currencies, such as Ithaca Hours.

Gogo (Canadian musician)

Paul Roland Gogo (born April 24, 1965), known as Gogo, is a Canadian rock-and-roll keyboard player, and multi-instrumentalist, best known for being the keyboardist of the Canadian rock band Trooper. His career has also included stints with rock vocalist Paul Laine.

He was featured in the 2008 documentary film, Mellodrama: The Mellotron Movie. Gogo has an extensive collection of vintage electronic musical instruments which were on display in 2005 at the Royal British Columbia Museum in Victoria, British Columbia.

He is also the author of Frank Ney: A Canadian Legend, a biography about British Columbia legislator, and longtime Nanaimo mayor Frank Ney.

In 2004, Gogo played a major role in the creation of Joyride!, the debut album of his psychedelic rock group, The Super Groovy Band. The album has received positive acclaim from reviewers around the world.

As part of the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics festivities, Gogo was featured when Trooper performed on February 21, 2010. Coverage of the event was broadcast in Canada and around the world on networks such as CTV and MuchMusic.

He is also the cousin of guitarist David Gogo.

Gogo (Quebec music)

Gogo was a type of francophone music that was popular in the 1960s in Quebec, Canada. It accompanied dancing that was characterised by lively, quick and irregular movements of the body and wide gestures of the arms. The words and music were often adapted from contemporary hits of pop music from the United States (with or without permission and payment of royalties to the creators or rights-holders of the original music). The dance clubs “boîtes à gogo” that catered to it gave way to discothèques when the fashion for gogo gave way to disco at the beginning of the 1970s. In 1966, the Quebec singer Michèle Richard recorded a song titled "Les Boîtes à Gogo", whose accompanying 16mm Scopitone film illustrates both the dance style and the atmosphere in these clubs.

One of the subplots of the 2010 Canadian film Funkytown involves how the rise of disco in Montreal ended the fashion for gogo and the careers of gogo singers. (Duchesne, 2011)

Usage examples of "gogo".

Short of terminal mogo on the gogo, there is no way you are not going to England with your mother.

If you want my considered opinion, this chick had no kind of future in the gogo business.

Me, I spent an improving four hours on Forty-Second Street, dividing my time between a space-game arcade and the basement gogo bar next door.

Next I bought a joint, a popper, a phial of cocaine and a plug of opium from a fat spade in Times Square and snuffled it all up in a gogo bar toilet.

Five minutes later I was in a gogo bar on Broadway, discussing inflation with an off-duty stripper called Cindi.

He has also taught me to write poetry, but you know a great many words which I never heard from him, such as 'a gogo, frustratoire, rater, dorloter'.