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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ As for Salt and the rest of them, they'd goggle and gape and point at their foreheads.
▪ His brain was working overtime and he just stood there goggling.
▪ It resisted for a moment, then swung completely open, and they stood on the threshold, goggling in.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Goggle \Gog"gle\, v. i. [imp. & p. p. Goggled; p. pr. & vb. n. Goggling.] [Cf. Ir. & Gael. gog a nod, slight motion.] To roll the eyes; to stare.

And wink and goggle like an owl.


Goggle \Gog"gle\, a. Full and rolling, or staring; -- said of the eyes.

The long, sallow vissage, the goggle eyes.
--Sir W. Scott.


Goggle \Gog"gle\, n. [See Goggle, v. i.]

  1. A strained or affected rolling of the eye.

  2. pl.

    1. A kind of spectacles with short, projecting eye tubes, in the front end of which are fixed plain glasses for protecting the eyes from cold, dust, etc.

    2. Colored glasses for relief from intense light.

    3. A disk with a small aperture, to direct the sight forward, and cure squinting.

    4. Any screen or cover for the eyes, with or without a slit for seeing through.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1530s, from Middle English gogelen "to roll (the eyes) about" (late 14c.), influenced by Middle English gogel-eyed "squint-eyed, one-eyed" (late 14c.), of uncertain origin, perhaps somehow imitative. As a surname (Robert le Gogel) attested from c.1300. Related: Goggled; goggling. As a noun, 1650s, "goggling look;" earlier "person who goggles" (1610s).


n. 1 a wide-eyed stare 2 (context in the plural English) a pair of protective eyeglasses vb. 1 to stare (at something) with wide eyes 2 to roll the eyes


v. look with amazement; look stupidly [syn: gape, gawp, gawk]


Usage examples of "goggle".

So were the cameras and the items needed to accessorize my ensemble: paper apron and mask, plastic goggles, latex gloves.

He opened a drawer and took out a pair of achromatic goggles and a tube of mixed colors.

As for the rest, I was being invited to place my eyes against the goggles of a quite ordinary visual acuity tester.

Numerous monks and peasants working afield goggled as I flashed past them, and Brother Vitalis was sweeping the dorter when I lunged in there.

Beery Hosner earlier in the night because Beery had taken the strange goggles with the intention of selling them to this same remarkable bronze man.

The wine of excitement made her eyes so brilliant that it was noticeable even through the goggles that Coq lent her.

He also wore a pair of polarized goggles against the dazzling mountain light.

She handed him the basket of cookies and fresh fruit that she had brought down from Dovetail and sat with him for an hour, talking about the things he enjoyed talking about, until she could see his attention wandering back toward the goggles.

They wore dusters and goggles to protect them from the alkali of the Llano Estacado, which blew into the open vehicle, sticking to their exposed skin and sifting down inside the scarves around their necks.

When it stopped moving Allan lowered his goggles for a moment, and told Gilia to try it.

Hassel and the Vapour-bath 330 Midwinter Day, June, 1911 362 Our Ski-binding in its Final Form 364 At Work on Personal Outfit 364 Trying on Patent Goggles 368 Hassel in the Oil-store 368 Deep in Thought 372 Funcho 372 The Loaded Sledges in the Clothing Store 374 Sledges Ready for Use Being Hauled Out of the Store-room 374 At the Depot in Lat.

Ashman, who had already put on protective clothing, goggles and breathing apparatus, lit the blowlamp and started the first kerf between the holes.

He lowered the goggles, pulled on the gauntlets, and flicked the power switches.

He lowered the goggles and triggered the power, beginning the final shaping of the blade.

Nylan offered her a vague salute, watched as she turned her mount, then lowered the goggles.