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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ But many will probably come just to gawp at the locals and soak up the legend.
▪ Rex put on his sunglasses and elbowed his way into the crowd to gawp along with the rest.
▪ The famous local feature that families come miles to gawp at.
▪ When it is finished, people will stop their cars to gawp.
Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

"fool, simpleton," 1825, perhaps from the verb meaning "to yawn, gape" (as in astonishment), which is attested from 1680s, a dialectal survival of galp (c.1300), which is related to yelp or gape.


vb. (context British English) To stare stupidly or rudely; to gawk.


v. look with amazement; look stupidly [syn: goggle, gape, gawk]

Usage examples of "gawp".

The expatriates were gawping at us, and their astonishment reoriented me.

The ship soared above the small moonscape, leaving the approaching crowd gawping.

He snapped his mouth shut again, evidently realizing that he was gawping at Harry.

Mr Selly was standing gawping at Julius as though Julius was the very Devil incarnate.

And this person mystified and delighted Katharine so much that I was forced to keep paying him money for one imitation after another and soon felt very foolish standing in a gawping crowd and listening to a man pretending to be a chicken and a hog and a capercaillie and a new-born lamb.

Charles Cres swell was driving it--he lifted a hand in greeting as he flashed past, leaving her gawping at its fast disappearing elegance.

At first the tavernkeeper just gawped at me, then he got used to it and started greeting me like a member of the family.

Oldfellow gawped at London, gumchewing kid as dumb Hamnet holding his dad's paw, and gave it slow hayseed (Cedar Rapids, he had said) greeting.

After his sleepless night and the early morning vodka, he was feeling a bit lightheaded, so when he saw the ponies down the combe, gawping at him with their fool faces, he yelled at them in bad Somerset - 'Git 'arn there!

The expatriates were gawping at us, and their astonishment reoriented me.

She is taken aback and gawps dumbly at the Elves, who stare back at her.

All the time the Negro was banging down the tureens and then the dinted silver and the thick, white china plates, he gawped at us with big, rolling eyes.