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n. (plural of goblet English)

Usage examples of "goblets".

The diner seats himself, fixes a pipe to the spigot in his cheek, so that he may drink continously as he dines, so avoiding the drudgery of opening flasks, pouring out mugs or goblets, raising, tilting and setting down the mug or goblet, with the consequent danger of breakage or waste.

The plump woman beamed at his compliment, then nodded to the servants, who began gathering up the platters and refilling goblets with ale and mead.

With a smile Morgan filled two goblets and handed them to Richard and Brenna.

A decanter of wine and two crystal goblets rested on a silver tray on a low table.

Servants scurried around with trays of goblets filled with ale and wine.

One serving wench circled the table filling goblets and tankards as quickly as they were emptied.

In the cozy room, Fergus stoked the fire, then offered goblets of wine before departing.

While the fire blazed and the goblets were filled, Mary regaled them with stories about life at court, often asking Jamie or Douglas to interject their comments.

Rhys Michael stammered and stumbled over his own tongue, spared the open blaze of his blushes by the dim light in the embrasure, an impassive Guiscard approached with a pair of small silver goblets, bowing blandly and withdrawing as Javan took them with a nod of thanks.

She seated them graciously, and had a servant bring wine in real glass goblets, but she was distracted as she and Dannyan chatted, and all the time, she twisted and untwisted a silk handkerchief between her fingers.

Sulla rose quickly to his feet, plucked both goblets from the table, and went to the console to refill them.

Servilia leaped to her feet and went to the console table where two carafes and some silver goblets resided, poured un-watered wine into one and stood supporting him while he sipped at it, retching slightly.

Caesar, while some of the servants began to bring food in, and others set down goblets, poured wine and water.

While goblets rolled and spilled and men shouted, he hauled the kicking, yelling lord across the table.

As she looked at the elegant stonework, the fine tapestries, the silver goblets and candelabra on the tables, Jill felt profoundly embarrassed.