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n. (plural of glove English)


n. handwear: covers the hand and wrist [syn: glove]

Gloves (album)

Gloves is the second and final studio album from Australia indie rock/ pop rock band, Operator Please. It was released on 26 April 2010 in Australia and on 31 May 2010 in the UK under Virgin/EMI. The lead single " Logic" was released on 16 February 2010. The video for the second single "Back and Forth" was released on 22 April 2010. Gloves debuted at #20 on the Australian ARIA Albums Chart on 3 May 2010. The next week it dropped to #46.

Usage examples of "gloves".

Slavering and holding out his white mildewed gloves, he tendered his sympathies, those sympathies of his which made little distinction between joy and sorrow, to all the assembled company, to Mother Truczinski, to Guste, Fritz, and Maria Truczinski, to the corpulent Mrs.

His fingers felt stiff inside his fur-lined gloves as he removed his brown cowboy hat and adjusted the earmuffs on his head.

He set the flashlight on the counter, pulled off his gloves, hat, and earmuffs, and scooted the phone into the beam of light.

Catching himself, he slowed to a walk, breathing hard, clapping his gloves together for warmth.

Two medics stomped up and down beside the ambulance, moving in and out of the light, rubbing their gloves together.

Father John pulled off his gloves and unsnapped his parka as he walked down the corridor.

Father John hung his parka over the back of the vacant chair and stuffed his gloves into the crown of his cowboy hat.

The old woman sidled through the archway as Father John draped his parka over the back of one of the wood chairs and laid his gloves and cowboy hat on the table.

Father John had on his parka, gloves, and cowboy hat and was out the door before Deborah had reappeared in the living room.

He had already tossed his hat and gloves next to her things, and was pulling himself free from the sheepskin coat.

She gripped the middle rail, feeling the bite of the icy metal through her gloves, and was about to pull herself through the rails when she heard the distant thrum of an engine.

He had on blue jeans, a jean jacket with a sheepskin collar, dark leather gloves, and hiking boots.

Markus and I were both aware that it was in his professional capacity that he was standing there at the gate of Brenntau Cemetery, waiting with slavering mouth, compassionate gloves, and watery blue eyes for the mourners to come out.

We stood for some time exchanging embarrassed smiles, and it was not until Leo plucked a pair of kid gloves from the pockets of his morning coat and pulled the yellowish-white, skinlike coverings over his fingers and palms, that I realized whom I had met and what this encounter would bring me.

Wringing his gloves, he chanted for a time in Latin, but stopped after a while as there was no one present who knew the responses.