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Globus (company)

Globus is a Swiss department store company, with 13 department stores in Switzerland. The group, which includes the Herren Globus chain of menswear stores and the Office World chain of office supplies stores, is owned by Switzerland's largest retailer, Migros.


Globus is Latin for sphere or globe. It may also refer to:

Globus (weekly)

Globus is a Croatian language weekly news magazine published in Zagreb, Croatia.

Globus (music)

Globus (under its legal entity, Globus Music, Inc.) is an Immediate Music-owned subsidiary and a Santa Monica-based movie trailer music-inspired band consisting of the mix of producers, musicians and vocalists The lead composers are Yoav Goren and Jeffrey Fayman, in which this band released their albums under the Imperativa Records label. Their music style is primarily symphonic rock and Epic Music and some elements of symphonic metal.

Globus' live world premiere took place in The Grand Hall, Wembley, London, on 26 July 2006 and an album was released in August of that year. Feeder's Mark Richardson is featured on drums.

Globus (clothing retailer)

Globus is a retail clothing store chain, based in Mumbai, India. It is part of the Rajan Raheja Group. As of April 2012, the chain has 35 locations in 22 cities in India.

Globus was founded in January 1998. Its first location (at 35,000 square foot store) opened in Indore in June 1999, followed by two locations in Chennai. Its Mumbai flagship location opened in November 2001. By May 2008 the chain had expanded to 24 stores, and started a push to greatly expand the number of locations. The chain has previously announced bold plans to expand to a much larger number of stores, such as 150.

The chain was run by Ved Prakash Arya from its founding until March 2004.

Currently, it is run by Vinay Gajanan Nadkarni, who serves it as the Managing Director and CEO. Nadkarni, who took over from Arya in 2004, opened the 36th store in February 2013.

Kareena Kapoor became the brand ambassador in 2008, and planned to launch her own clothing line with the store.

In 2007, Globus created the world's largest Christmas stocking, which was 111 feet tall.

Globus (hypermarket)

Globus Hypermarket Holding (Globus SB-Warenhaus Holding GmbH & Co. KG) branded as Globus is a German retail chain of hypermarkets, DIY stores and electronics stores.

Usage examples of "globus".

The suite covered half of the twentieth floor of the Globus building, and looked out at the ocean.

Kintex, under a new operating name of Globus, also participates in the laundering of drug profits from all over Europe, exchanging cash for gold and precious stones and redistributing funds to their clients via a chain of business operations in Turkey and eastern Europe.

Bulgarorum globus, qui etiam nostris erat praesumptione certaminis obstaturus.

Exotic foodstuffs could be had at Globus, finer clothing from PKZ, and pastries, of course, from Sprungli.

The basal ganglia, the caudate and globus pallidus, the hippocampus and amygdala.

The most ancient of them surrounds the midbrain (and is made up mostly of what neuroanatomists call the olfactostriatum, the corpus striatum, and the globus pallidus).