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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
globe artichoke
snow globe
▪ It sprang into bright white light and he covered it with its glass globe.
▪ Inside a stunning 30-inch-diameter glass globe, shrimp paddle between fronds of algae.
▪ The Warm-Lite features a glass globe to protect the flame from draughts and to diffuse the light.
▪ The lamp was enclosed in a frosted glass globe to diffuse the light.
▪ And he plans to keep running until he has circled the globe.
▪ To make his vision a reality, Malamud has circled the globe, soliciting support from engineers, businessmen and officials.
all quarters of the Earth/globe
▪ For the occasion the town square was lit up by coloured globes strung together.
▪ The stuffed birds had been encased in glass globes.
▪ A direct and obvious example is that many marine animals are dispersed around the globe by ocean currents.
▪ Across the globe, sea level varies by hundreds of feet.
▪ Friends will be able to visit us in our own special space, from anywhere on the globe.
▪ Instead, he came up with a drink that has spread its alcoholic tentacles around the globe.
▪ Moving at the speed of light around the globe, it promotes both greater timeliness and higher quality.
▪ She will move the pin with which she marks his whereabouts to that spot on the globe.
▪ The cities were beautiful and adorned with all the fine things of the globe.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Mound \Mound\ (mound), n. [F. monde the world, L. mundus. See Mundane.] A ball or globe forming part of the regalia of an emperor or other sovereign. It is encircled with bands, enriched with precious stones, and surmounted with a cross; -- called also globe.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

mid-15c., "sphere," from Middle French globe (14c.) and directly from Latin globus "round mass, sphere, ball," also, of men, "a throng, crowd, body, mass," related to gleba "clod, soil, land" (see glebe). Sense of "planet earth," or a three-dimensional map of it first attested 1550s.


n. 1 Any spherical (or nearly spherical) object. 2 The planet Earth. vb. To become spherical

  1. n. the 3rd planet from the sun; the planet on which we live; "the Earth moves around the sun"; "he sailed around the world" [syn: Earth, world]

  2. an object with a spherical shape; "a ball of fire" [syn: ball, orb]

  3. a sphere on which a map (especially of the earth) is represented

Globe, AZ -- U.S. city in Arizona
Population (2000): 7486
Housing Units (2000): 3172
Land area (2000): 18.017897 sq. miles (46.666138 sq. km)
Water area (2000): 0.007936 sq. miles (0.020554 sq. km)
Total area (2000): 18.025833 sq. miles (46.686692 sq. km)
FIPS code: 28030
Located within: Arizona (AZ), FIPS 04
Location: 33.399858 N, 110.781570 W
ZIP Codes (1990): 85501
Note: some ZIP codes may be omitted esp. for suburbs.
Globe, AZ

GLOBE is the Global Legislators Organisation for a Balanced Environment, founded in 1989.

GLOBE's objective is to support political leadership on issues of climate and energy security, land-use change and ecosystems. Internationally, GLOBE is focused on leadership from G20 leaders and the leaders of the emerging economies as well as formal negotiations within the United Nations.

GLOBE shadows the formal G8 negotiations and allows legislators to work together outside the formal international negotiations. Without the burden of formal governmental negotiating positions, legislators have the freedom to push the boundaries of what can be politically achieved.

At an international level GLOBE consists of senior cross-party members of parliament from the 16 major economies - the G8 countries, European Parliament, Brazil, China, India, Indonesia, Mexico, South Africa and South Korea. Also, GLOBE facilitates regional policy dialogues amongst legislators.

GLOBE believes that legislators have a critical role to play in holding their own governments to account for the commitments that are made during international negotiations.

Globe (disambiguation)

A globe is a three-dimensional scale model of Earth or other astronomical body.

Globe may also refer to:

  • The globe, an alternative name for Earth
  • Any other spherical or roughly spherical object
Globe (Philippine Telecommunications Company)

Globe is the mobile division of Globe Telecom, the largest telecommunications company in the Philippines. At present, Globe is the largest service provider in the Philippines, with a subscriber base of 65.5 million subscribers as of October 2015.

Globe (Sacramento RT)

Globe is an island platformed Sacramento RT light rail station in Sacramento, California, United States. The station was opened on March 12, 1987, and is operated by the Sacramento Regional Transit District as part of the Blue Line. It is located in the median of Del Paso Boulevard at Globe Avenue. The station serves an area of office parks and light industry. It is the first station beyond the fare-free downtown zone.

Globe (comics)
  1. Redirect List of Batman Family adversaries#Foes of lesser renown

Category:DC Comics supervillains

Globe (tabloid)

Globe is a supermarket tabloid first published North America on November 10, 1954 in Montreal, Canada as Midnight by Joe Azaria and John Vader and became the chief competitor to the National Enquirer during the 1960s. In 1978 it changed its name to the Midnight Globe after its publisher, Globe Communications, and eventually changed its name to Globe. The newspaper, as well as most of its rivals, is now owned by American Media Inc. and is published out of American Media's headquarters in Boca Raton, Florida. Globe covers a widespread range of topics, including politics, celebrity news, human interest and high-profile crime stories. It recently led the fight to try to save TV's All My Children and One Life to Live.

Globe (band)

Globe (styled globe) is a dance-oriented Japanese pop band, formed in 1995 by producer and songwriter Tetsuya Komuro. Originally consisting of Komuro, Keiko Yamada and Marc Panther, the group's singles consistently hit the charts. In late 2002 Yoshiki, former drummer and pianist for X Japan, joined the group, but he left the band about a year later.

Their 1996 debut album, Globe, sold over 4 million copies, and their 1998 single "Wanna Be a Dreammaker" won the grand prix award at the 40th Japan Record Awards, the Japanese record industry's highest honor. Komuro also mentioned there will be some collaboration work with other artists with the artist title of Globe Featuring, and Globe Extreme for collaborations with Yoshiki.

Globe (human eye)

The globe of the eye, or bulbus oculi, is the eyeball apart from its appendages. A hollow structure, the bulbus oculi is composed of a wall enclosing a cavity filled with fluid with three coats: the Sclera, Choroid, and the Retina. Normally, the bulbus oculi is bulb-like structure. However, the bulbus oculi is not completely spherical. Its anterior surface, transparent and more curved, is known as the cornea of the bulbus oculi.

GLOBE (International Business)

The Global Learning Opportunities in Business Education (GLOBE) program is a prestigious undergraduate business program that sends 54 elite students to study at Copenhagen Business School (CBS) in Copenhagen, Denmark, the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) in Hong Kong, and the Kenan–Flagler Business School, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (UNC) in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, United States.

At each respective university, eighteen students are selected based on their academic achievements, personalities, and previous life experiences. After being selected, the students spend a year and a half traveling the world, networking internationally, and gaining a new perspective on the business world. During the first year of the program, students study at CBS in the fall and CUHK in the spring. Following the semester in Hong Kong, students generally pursue competitive internships with companies throughout the world. The final semester is then spent at the University of North Carolina. Following completion of the program, students return to their respective universities, where they spend one final semester completing their degree.

As of April 2015, eight batches of GLOBE students have graduated the program. A ninth group is currently in the middle of the program's three semesters.

Globe (album)

Globe (styled as globe) is the first studio album released from Globe on March 31, 1996. The album sold over four million copies, becoming the best-selling album of Japan in Oricon charts history at that time.

Usage examples of "globe".

The most fertile districts of the habitable globe are now actually cultivated by men for animals, at a delay and waste of aliment absolutely incapable of calculation.

At the zenith glittered the splendid Antares in the Scorpion, and not far was Alpha Centauri, which is believed to be the nearest star to the terrestrial globe.

The value of this angle would give the height of Alpha, and consequently that of the pole above the horizon, that is to say, the latitude of the island, since the latitude of a point of the globe is always equal to the height of the pole above the horizon of this point.

A broadly sinuous ambery crevice parted the globes, which by reflexive instinct poor Miss Medbury tried to close by contracting all her muscles in a useless defense.

Its rear exuded puffs of white, and the craft began to drop more rapidly, more confidently, toward the world below, a world of all adamantine blue-white, a great azurite globe laced with a delicate matrix of cloud.

Ollia Bekke poised tense and trembling, and with the first lick of blood-colored lightning from her Globe a slick of sweat shone on her brow.

Sarra felt her hands clench as Ollia Bekke, standing within the compass octagon, lifted both hands waist-high and conjured a crimson sphere, a Battle Globe.

Taking the globe as a whole, we see that bilateral symmetry is preserved.

He had no family ties to bind him to times or places, and with Bim for company he was ready to start at any moment for any portion of the globe.

The skin was broken nowhere, but here and there, particularly at sensitive places near the shadowy crease which separated the globes one could see dark splotches and stigmata as evidences that the birching had been rather severe.

I gave a mental twirl to the globe in the library and found Calabar on the western coast of Africa.

She could see nothing but Cashel and the sparkling blue globe that the quarterstaff wove around them.

He disdained even standard versification--he wrote with unusual scansions, strange metrics--the harmonies of octameter catalectic, being more rarified, seemed to rise to the lofty ear of God more than could humble iambic pentameter, that endless trudge, trudge, trudge across the surface of the terrestrial globe.

Then the pterodactyl burst upon the world in all his impressive solemnity and grandeur, and all Nature recognized that the Cenozoic threshold was crossed and a new Period open for business, a new stage begun in the preparation of the globe for man.

When the Enchanted Globe reached the platform at the top, the whole band joined the cimbalom to blare a rousing climax and bring the audience out of its stupefaction to a clamor of applause.