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n. (plural of glob English)

Usage examples of "globs".

Thorwalian guards shot into the globs, but more appeared at the entrances until they filled the end of the hall.

The globs that had been shot were rejuvenated by the others, joining together to form larger globs.

Screams filled the air as the globs enveloped one guard after another.

She heard the torch fall, heard his high, cut-off scream as the globs enveloped him.

Between the walkway on which they stood, and a similar walkway on the other side, flowed a sluggish stream composed of reeking refuse, putrid garbage, and repulsive globs of indeterminate matter.

Folds of their skin hung in runnels, and long globs dangled from their outspread arms.

To top off the foreplay, Shimmer divided herself up into an archipelago of separate globs, and Ptah juggled her.

While continuing to juggle, Ptah began pinching off more and more globs of himself, until all that was left of him was a pair of hands down on the platform of the stage, incredibly keeping some two score white and bronze balls aloft.

Fire coughed uncertainly from the mouths of the flamethrowers, spattering the hall along the floors, walls, and ceiling, where it clung in globs of what had to be a mix of gasoline or some other accelerant, and petroleum jellyhomemade napalm.

On these serrated edges the medusas, globs of muscular mucus as wide as tabletops, hang stranded and expiring, thrown up by tempests that rend the glutinous, tideless waves.

The aluminum pie plate and globs of chocolate cream pie were lying ignored on the ground.

By the time he had gotten rid of the bigger globs of laughter, the torrid Oriel Overlark had turned to ice.

His own soul gulped out of his mouth in garish globs as he diminished and dimmed.