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n. (plural of globe English)


Globes is a Hebrew-language daily evening financial newspaper founded in the early 1980s and published in Israel. It deals with economic issues and news from the Israeli and international business worlds, and is the oldest financial newspaper in Israel. The color of the paper is pink, inspired by the British Financial Times.

According to TGI 2009 media survey Globes′ market share rose 15% over the year to 4.4%. Its main competitors in printed media are TheMarker of the Haaretz group and Calcalist published by Yedioth Ahronoth Group. Since 1997 Globes has an online version.

Usage examples of "globes".

Planetary machines arose, adapted to the globes on which they were to work, to the local tasks and conditions.

But on such globes this was a deviation from the planetary labors, a deviation locked away in vaults of rock and therefore unable to reveal its vigor.

Earth was a planet of brutal murderers, unique among millions of globes, a place where intelligence yielded blood and pain, contrary to the cosmic norm.

Lord Piedmont nor the Seven Sages of Limpus, could prescribe a method by which a terrestrial object could overcome the atmospheric tides and the pressures of the suspended globes of the heavens in order to sail to and from the moon!

They were little globes of crystal that were not quite like anything Jonathan had seen.

I mean to say, your honor, that such a ring has passed by my eye globes at one time, sir.

Blood Savages held immobile inside globes of chain mail, was the time to try.

The rail fell behind as he moved to the main screen and communed with its fuzzy view of the grave ship in the forward distance, a green blur with silver dots trailing behind it The Blood ships, helpless inside globes of chainmail.

Eyes blazing with white fire and black smoke boiling from its flaring nostrils, it came across the waves at them out of the dim foggy mass of the islands -a titanic winged serpent, mailed in gleaming scales, with eyes like globes of fire.

They carried curious weapons - swords with saw-toothed edges of crystal, hooked spears, and glassy globes held in slings.

The foremost of the attackers paused to whirl slings and shower his men with glass globes, each about the size of an apple.

The globes burst with a musical tinkle and shattered into thousands of shining shards.

Then, over the heads of the foremost attackers, several of the glass globes flew through the air, to smash on the deck at his feet.

He wondered if the Antillian priesthood possessed crystal globes of magical powers, which they had inherited from their Atlantean forebears and the like of which he had seen in the Hyborian lands, whereby an initiate magician could observe events taking place afar.

The sun set, the great globes of atomic light tethered in the sky poured their radiance over thoroughfares moving with a new awareness.