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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
a global/international perspective
▪ A global perspective allows firms to spot opportunities and reduce supply costs.
a world/global/worldwide recession
▪ America’s airlines have been badly hit by the world recession.
a worldwide/global/international campaign
▪ a worldwide campaign for peace
an international/worldwide/global ban
▪ an international ban on trade in endangered species
an international/worldwide/global conspiracy
▪ Hitler believed there was a worldwide conspiracy to enslave Germany.
be national/international/global in scope (=include a whole country, several countries, or the whole world)
▪ Some markets are local while others are national or international in scope.
global village
global warming
global/world trade
▪ We want the poorer nations to benefit from increased global trade.
international/global terrorism
▪ Americans put international terrorism high on the list of their greatest concerns.
on a global/world scale (=involving the whole world)
▪ This is a product that can be sold in high volumes on a global scale.
the global/world climate (=the weather of the world)
▪ Scientists are assessing the impact of carbon dioxide on the global climate.
the international/world-wide/global trend
▪ the global trend towards intensive farming
the world/global economy
▪ Rising oil prices threaten the world economy.
world/global politics
▪ There was much going on in world politics at the time.
▪ Equally there are commercial companies that produce, distribute, and market their product on a global basis.
▪ Companies must work with financial institutions to boost their ability to deal on a global basis.
▪ Near facilitates the rapid transfer of information about attacks on academics and academic freedom on a global basis.
▪ Thus the management of forests on a global basis constitutes an agent of environmental change in both the developed and developing world.
▪ Much attention will be given throughout this chapter to monitoring the environment on a global basis.
▪ This led to companies like Dupont axing 189,000 jobs on a global basis.
▪ Bain &038; Company is a leading global business consulting firm.
▪ It is the global business daily, a role it has grown into over the past two decades.
▪ Much global business remains mercilessly unethical at heart.
▪ The position of the sun makes no difference to the sleepless flow of global business.
▪ Maybe such positions should be accepted as part of the price for building global businesses.
▪ In the interlinked complexity of the emerging global business culture, we all need a sense of balance and of being centered.
▪ This Journal role as global business daily mirrors its traditional national one.
▪ We are not a global business.
▪ Now that global capitalism is in disarray, it would make sense to support local businesses.
▪ It is the vast labor pool that global capitalism has tapped into that is the new leviathan.
▪ How do these groups work in the interests of global capitalism?
▪ The sudden collapse of Communism raised the power of global capitalism to new heights.
▪ The connections between global capitalism and the culture-ideology of consumerism must be laid bare.
▪ The restaurant is half-empty or half-full, depending on your view of global capitalism.
▪ The protests in Quebec are not going to bring about the collapse of global capitalism.
▪ Ultimately, this is how we need to think about dealing with global capitalism.
▪ Blocs are being seen as increasingly irrelevant today largely because the global capitalist system is perceived as increasingly salient.
▪ To put it crudely, the global capitalist system has very little need of the subordinate classes in this sphere.
▪ What is missing from Field's account is the connection between political transnational practices and the global capitalist system.
▪ In surrendering to the global capitalists, governments are themselves debasing democracy, making it quite useless for people to vote.
▪ The gist of my argument is that the global capitalist system leaves less and less space for exclusively national capitalist projects.
▪ Cycling in synchrony with the supercontinents and sea levels is the global climate.
▪ ERS-1 will also measure sea temperature, contributing to studies into the role that the oceans play in determining global climate.
▪ The presence of major population centers very close to mean sea level has been much discussed in connection with global climate change.
▪ Removing the heat from the atmosphere will have had an effect on the global climate.
▪ This enhancement of the greenhouse effect leads to increasing Earth-surface temperatures and global climate change.
▪ No one is quite sure whether there will be more or less of them in a warmer global climate.
▪ Such validations are necessary regardless of one's disposition towards the current generation of global climate models.
▪ Shortening product life cycles and rapid product proliferation mean that investment in innovation is critical in global competition.
▪ That is already true not only for ordinary workers who have felt the lash of the new global competition.
▪ But global competition, by itself, is not necessarily enough.
▪ Table 2.1 suggests, in simplified form, the changing factors that have shifted particular industries at different times towards global competition.
▪ Change has become a constant in the turbulent economy of deregulation and global competition.
▪ Now we move to an age of technology, information and global competition.
▪ On-line debate discussion groups also will take place on the Internet, the global computer network.
▪ The Ottawa-based maker of computerized communications equipment cashed in on optimistic prospects for the Internet, the global computer network.
▪ Using 20, 000 volunteers, it succeeded in linking 3, 500 schools in the state to the global computer network.
▪ The global computer network, which started as a Cold War defense project, was never designed with average users in mind.
▪ Many predict that electronic commerce will propel global computer networks from the fringe into the core of business.
▪ Banks increasingly want to let consumers perform transactions on the global computer network, and California is among the biggest markets.
▪ Is the global economy going off-piste?
▪ Education is the life raft he offers workers buffeted by the choppy currents of the global economy.
▪ But, says the bank, countries that have cut themselves off from the global economy have slipped behind.
▪ The pulp wood and timber industry is an example of how a global economy can cut both ways here.
▪ These threats are of two kinds: military challenges and the jagged rhythms of the global economy.
▪ In the old global economy, capital and labor moved together.
▪ As this isolation ends the possibility arises of a fully global economy.
▪ In the new global economy, developed world capital globe-trots in a freewheeling way that was never before possible.
▪ Workforce diversity is being stirred into the global environment of anytime / anyplace business.
▪ We must continue to study the new centralised global environment at both the theoretical and the practical levels.
▪ Green Parties in the North-East have organised a simulation exercise on Saturday for individual groups concerned with development and the global environment.
▪ Amongst the themes to be explored are changing north-south and east-west relations; nationalism and religion; global environment and security.
▪ The left is also suspicious of the global level itself.
▪ The end of the Second World War heralded major changes in the conduct of politics at the global level.
▪ On a global level, it also strikes me that the circus metaphor is in danger of becoming an exhausted cliche.
▪ Market forces will not eradicate poverty at a global level any more than they were able to at a national level.
▪ At a global level, do you Dream of a more peaceful world?
▪ Indeed, the vast scope and complexity of politics at the global level makes the use of models essential.
▪ The global market delivered growth, but what is the purpose of this growth?
▪ The process is quite complex, given that a single retailer may purchase merchandise from thousands of vendors in a global market.
▪ The livestock being killed are a ritual sacrifice to the gods of global markets.
▪ There is also a new enforcement factor at work, which is the emergence of global markets attuned to fiscal responsibility.
▪ This ruling, in effect, accepted the reality of a global market place.
▪ The underlying premise of the global market ideology is that every country will earn most of its income from exports.
▪ This association is an ideal way of marketing to a global market.
▪ In recent years, the group has claimed on average about 30 % of the global market for large commercial aircraft orders.
▪ The central fault line in modern post-industrial society is that between the winners and the losers in the global marketplace.
▪ Ideas are everything in a fragmented global marketplace, and great ideas demand a diverse work force.
▪ We live in a global marketplace, which puts enormous competitive pressure on our economic institutions.
▪ Diversity is seen less as a problem than as a simple business reality in the global marketplace.
▪ Manage diversity, trainers preached, or risk getting clobbered in the global marketplace of the 21st century.
▪ In short, the commercialization of the Internet promises to produce profound transformation of business and economic forces in the global marketplace.
▪ These trading houses have invested heavily in global networks of information-gathering affiliates and extensive communications systems.
▪ People inevitably are changed by their contact with a global network of humanity, Whittle says.
▪ The owner of this global network is Sumner Redstone, a Boston billionaire who made a fortune in movie theatres.
▪ SunConnect develops and markets products for using and managing global networks.
▪ Today the global network environment reaches over 140 countries, each with its own slant.
▪ The real actors are classes, and the location of the state within the global network of capitalism is crucial.
▪ Countrywide, more than half of state governments provide the text of bills to users of the global network.
▪ Development and social change: a global perspective.
▪ Add a global perspective and you up the scale to cover the entire planetary network of human activity.
▪ Similarly, the practice of global politics requires reform.
▪ The rapid increase in the number and diversity of states has had long-term consequences for global politics.
▪ The issue of the tropical rain forests illustrates some of the central debates of global politics today.
▪ How, then, are we to conceptualize the three distinct, yet interrelated, processes apparent in contemporary global politics?
▪ To what extent can the traditional models of global politics, outlined in chapter 20, help us to understand these processes?
▪ These debates are associated with different approaches to the analysis of global politics.
▪ Integration poses a fundamental challenge to the nation-state and to the traditional models of global politics.
▪ The problem for the future is the need to keep pace with mushrooming global population growth.
▪ The UScomprises 5 % of the global population yet is responsible for 25 % of the world's prisoners.
▪ We already have a global population problem: do we really want to exacerbate it?
▪ After declining during the l970s, the global population growth rate lingered at 1. 7 percent during the 1980s.
▪ We will need to introduce foods that are culturally acceptable to the varied tastes of the global populations.
▪ The issue of global population is intensely controversial.
▪ But there is a more hopeful side to the subject of global population as well.
▪ Exactly when and at what level global population growth will finally peak is extremely difficult for demographers to predict.
▪ Applied on the present global scale, it is downright dangerous.
▪ We are entering an era of distance and diversity on a global scale.
▪ They are doomed by exploitative capital operating on a global scale.
▪ Chemically based methods of attending to disease and their toxic effects will soon be replaced by electro-magnetic therapy on a global scale.
▪ Major companies must operate on a global scale. 2.
▪ But to give the company global scale it needed acquisitions or mergers.
▪ Sometimes it is global scale and sometimes local market scale.
▪ We now have an accurate temperature sequence stretching back 23 million years which reflects climate change on a global scale.
▪ Successful innovation in most industries today requires a global strategy towards research and development.
▪ Even the basic action of the global strategy has obvious pitfalls.
▪ Multi-nationals' resources and ambitions shape both their global strategies and choices of location.
▪ Corporate-strategy literature rarely works through such issues carefully and this can be especially important when considering global strategies.
▪ Enhancing renewable energy investment is clearly relevant to global strategies to mitigate climate change.
▪ Hart predicts that in five years time this toe-dipping will develop into a substantial element of companies global strategy.
▪ It is an analysis of the actual communications practices in the global system in terms of traffic.
▪ However, in the l990s, the global system has changed in ways that none of these three perspectives anticipated.
▪ The key threat that Green politics poses to the capitalist global system is in the matter of the consumption of non-renewable resources.
▪ The politics of development How do dominant and subordinate classes deal with the problems of development within the global system?
▪ Does the global system really exist?
▪ Data from these vehicles are given freely to other nations in a global system coordinated by the World Meteorological Organisation.
▪ In this book I shall use the awkward but evocative term hegemon to describe the asymmetry in the global system.
▪ Development in the global system implies something more.
▪ The worst case scenario suggests aircraft could be responsible for up to 43 percent of the projected rise in global temperature.
▪ In the last nine thousand years there has been only a single global temperature excursion larger than 0. 5 degrees!
▪ The predictions are based on a rise in global temperatures of 1 degree centigrade by 2025.
▪ Fast albedo feedbacks are too weak to change global temperature significantly without global mean radiative forcing.
▪ But internationally agreed carbon taxes, permits and rising global temperatures may push the world along the road towards accepting the unacceptable.
▪ This in turn might lead to very rapid increases in global temperature.
▪ Today, despite vastly increased global trade, they earn 1.1 %.
▪ Ensuring that San Francisco grabs a large chunk of global trade.
▪ We agree that there has to be a rules-based system for governing global trade.
▪ In both cases global trade experienced inhibitions.
▪ The rock and roll global village.
▪ We are not hammering together a cozy global village.
▪ We now live in a global village ... a simultaneous happening.
▪ We do have a global village, more and more all the time.
▪ The world was not the global village we are used to today.
▪ The dream of the unified global village has given way to the reality of global fragmentation and diversity.
▪ The global village of which we all speak carelessly is at most a global convenience store.
▪ One of the most important issues facing all countries is the threat of global warming.
▪ Some scientists have pointed to a recent brightening of the sun as an important contributory factor to global warming.
▪ This sets strict limits on emissions in an effort to reduce the country's contribution to global warming and acid rain.
▪ They claim that their report is the first to outline the impact of global warming on snow and ice-covered regions.
▪ Whether the continued global warming and associated changes in atmospheric circulation will occur steadily is unknown.
▪ The global warming and the accompanying changes in rainfall are likely to be highly variable, and unpredictable in detail.
▪ Carbon dioxide is the main cause of global warming - the Greenhouse Effect.
▪ a global search
▪ AIDS is a global problem which needs a global response.
▪ Anything the US does is likely to have an impact on a global scale.
▪ Campaigners have called for a global ban on landmines.
▪ Multinational companies create, in effect, a global economy.
▪ Only the UN can tackle global problems like pollution of the atmosphere.
▪ Scientists at an international conference have been discussing global warming and its possible effects.
▪ Simon & Schuster said it no longer wanted the smaller company because it did not fit into its global strategy.
▪ The new global economy is exciting and full of possibilities.
▪ We've done a global study on the company's weaknesses.
▪ And it has failed to snare any major global accounts in several years.
▪ Interdependence was to be found at global, continental, regional or local levels.
▪ It was impossible to completely check the global effects of each alteration to the file.
▪ Of course, in past centuries, no global news network existed to capture the anguish of the victims.
▪ Today the global network environment reaches over 140 countries, each with its own slant.
▪ Yet the rainforests cover just seven percent of global landmass.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

global \glob"al\ adj.

  1. involving the entire earth; not limited or provincial in scope; as, global war; global monetary policy.

    Syn: planetary, worldwide.

  2. shaped like a globe; spherical.

    Syn: ball-shaped, globose, globular, orbicular, spheric, spherical.

  3. broad in scope or content; comprehensive. Opposite of noncomprehensive.

    Syn: all-embracing, all-inclusive, across-the-board, blanket(prenominal), broad, complete, panoptic, wide.

  4. (Computers) Accessible and effective throughout an entire computer program, rather than in only one subroutine; -- used of variables; as, global variable. Opposite of local.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1670s, "spherical," from globe + -al (1). Meaning "worldwide, universal" is from 1892, from French. Global village first attested 1960, popularized, if not coined, by Canadian educator Marshall McLuhan (1911-1980).Postliterate man's electronic media contract the world to a village or tribe where everything happens to everyone at the same time: everyone knows about, and therefore participates in, everything that is happening the minute it happens. Television gives this quality of simultaneity to events in the global village. [Carpenter & McLuhan, "Explorations in Communication," 1960]


a. 1 spherical, ball-shaped. 2 (context not comparable English) Of or relating to a globe or sphere. 3 Concerning all parts of the world. n. (context computing English) A globally scoped identifier.

  1. adj. involving the entire earth; not limited or provincial in scope; "global war"; "global monetary policy"; "neither national nor continental but planetary"; "a world crisis"; "of worldwide significance" [syn: planetary, world(a), worldwide]

  2. having the shape of a sphere or ball; "a spherical object"; "nearly orbicular in shape"; "little globular houses like mud-wasp nests"- Zane Grey [syn: ball-shaped, globose, globular, orbicular, spheric, spherical]


GLOBAL was a language developed in industry and sold off privately as an expert system. It was used to design several biopharmaceutical products, and sold to Tularik (Amgen).

Prometheus used for drug system design was written using GLOBAL and is described on this Cray software specification.

Global (cutlery)

Global (often written in all capitalized letters as GLOBAL) is a Japanese brand of Kitchen Knives owned and manufactured by the Yoshikin factory of Japan (also known as the Yoshida Metal Industry Co. Ltd). Global knives are famous for their iconic design, revolutionary manufacturing methods and their impressive cutting performance. The Yoshikin Factory, is owned by the Watanabe family and located in Tsubame, Japan.

Global (Paul van Dyk album)

Global is a DVD and CD set of Paul van Dyk's worldwide DJ-ing tours. The CD is a music-only version of the DVD. DVD extras (not matched on the CD) include videos of Another Way, For An Angel, Forbidden Fruit, We Are Alive and Tell Me Why (The Riddle).

Global (disambiguation)
Global (Bunji Garlin album)

Global is an album by Trinidadian Ragga Soca artist Bunji Garlin released in 2007 by VP Records. The album is Garlin's first that he aimed at international audiences, with previous releases aimed only at the West Indies, and he explained "In order for the genre to grow, we have to put out music that people throughout all of the islands can feel, not just for Trinidad". The album features guest appearances by Chris Black (on "Swing It") and Freddie McGregor (on "One Family"). Allmusic's Rick Anderson called it "very nice overall", commenting that Garlin's vocals were "straight out of the dancehall -- more rapid-fire declamation than melodic calypso crooning".

Global (Humanoid album)

Global is the debut album by Brian Dougans, most famous for being part of the British electronica group The Future Sound of London. Moving away from FSOL's ambient, breakbeat and trip hop, it is composed largely of US style vocal house, including Ben Ofoedu, most famous for his work with duo Phats & Small in the 1990s. Also contained is the breakthrough acid house single, " Stakker Humanoid", and industrial track "Sunshine & Brick", featuring FSOL's Gaz Cobain on vocals.

Global (Todd Rundgren album)

Global is the twenty-fifth studio album by American rock musician Todd Rundgren. It was released in April 2015 under Esoteric Antenna.

Global (TV series)

Global, styled also as Global with Matthew Amroliwala (as of 8 September 2014), is a news programme on BBC World News that premiered on 14 January 2013 with the relaunch of the channel from Broadcasting House. The programme was hosted initially by Jon Sopel who joined the channel from the domestic BBC News channel. Sopel regularly presented the programme on location around the world and in this case it is broadcast in part on the BBC News channel. Sopel was promoted to North America Editor in 2014, and was succeeded in September by Matthew Amroliwala.

Global replaced The Hub, which originally was an edition of World News Today and served as a news 'nerve centre' for South Asia and the Middle East, providing both the headlines, and detailed analysis of the global news agenda.

Usage examples of "global".

He must do this, because if he admits that a world-centric, global perspectivism has adaptive advantage over narrower perspectives, then he must admit that his cultural stance of universal-global perspectivism is superior to those cultures that he studies that do not share his universal pluralism.

Spielberg was able to integrate computer animatronics and computer animation so seamlessly into his live-action blockbuster that everyone else listened to the ka-ching at the global box-office and decided to embrace the future more enthusiastically.

When a new social reality is formed, integrating both the development of capital and the proletarianization of the population into a single process, the political form of command must itself be modified and articulated in a manner and on a scale adequate to this process, a global quasistate of the disciplinary regime.

Second, they claim that the dominant economies themselves had originally developed their fully articulated and independent structures in relative isolation, with only limited interaction with other economies and global networks.

But there is a note here that Ben wonders if this would happen over time, threatening a crisis round of global warming, rather than asphyxiation in your living room.

And while such a devolution of the global civilization, were it possible, might conceivably address the problem of self-inflicted technological catastrophe, it would also leave us defenseless against eventual asteroidal and cometary impacts.

Water and atmospherics will take precedence over everything, and they are global phenomena.

As we headed into December, a little sanity crept back into political life when the House and the Senate passed the Global Agreement on Tariffs and Trade, GATT, with large bipartisan majorities.

Atta voiced virulently anti-Semitic and anti-American opinions, ranging from condemnations of what he described as a global Jewish movement centered in New York City that supposedly controlled the financial world and the media, to polemics against governments of the Arab world.

Furthermore, it distorts the economy: If berries can be grown more cheaply elsewhere, then providing artificial employment for our outmoded strawberry farmers hinders the economy from adapting to the new global reality of cheaper strawberries for everyone.

I should not have neglected to add that the damage to the ozone layer through the use of chlorofluorocarbons and similar substances in the twentieth century has brought about a serious intensification of incoming solar radiation, adding to the problem of global warming.

After breakfast, Sergeant Major Gabbard had the teams square away their billeting area, then he took them into the hangar next door to show them the Global Hawk.

The menu offers a global selection, from tandoori chicken to roast rabbit with gnocchi and mustard cream sauce.

There had been the flight to San Jose, his meeting with Roger Gordian, the formal offer from Gordian to join UpLink in what had to his surprise become a position-its official title being Global Field Supervisor, Security Op erations-that he would hold jointly with a guy named Rollie Thibodeau, who, if memory served, was the other candidate for the job mentioned to him by the high-andmighty Megan Breen back in Stonington.

Since the collapse of the Soviet Union, the great ideologues of geopolitics and the theoreticians of the end of history have consistently posed fundamentalisms as the primary danger facing global order and stability.