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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ But once this glitzy transformation scene is set and the curtain goes up, there is a problem.
▪ It was a glitzy split-level shopping centre with brightly lit window displays of expensive fashions.
▪ Pop music is glitzy, wanton, and problematic.
▪ The staid and once-serious network news has begun to look like glitzy local news operations.
Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1966, from Yiddish glitz "glitter," from German glitzern "sparkle" (see glitter).


a. tasteless and showy

Usage examples of "glitzy".

New, taller, more glitzy buildings cast long shadows, but debris and homeless people clogged the places where runaway kids had once congregated.

She had a very good portfolio of pictures now, and Ricky, the photographer who had taken them, was giving a very glitzy party.

They were coming into the foyer, both in evening dress, which probably meant that they were accompanying Charlie Cornwell to some glitzy dinner party or ball.

All dremecks wore the same coveralls over their wrinkled bodies and they all wore some sort of glitzy jewelry.

Nothing glitzy, expensive or in any way appropriate to who was standing on that stage playing live for only Barry and me.

There are no glitzy showtunes written about this city, only a handful of rumpty-tumpty music hall dirges.

And they were staying at the glitzy new Chelsea Harbour Hotel, while Bill himself stayed in a modest little place elsewhere.

His part of town was old enough that it looked glitzy even without virtual enhancements.

He also had a basinful of my reactions to my few days on the Kenyan coast, what I felt about the wonderful green lush fertility, the wide brown rivers, the atrocious roads, the contrasts between glitzy wealth and mud-hut poverty, the small holdings with a stand of bananas and the huge prairie-like fields of sorghum, pineapples and sisal presumably owned by the giants of international agri-business.

Martian data channel, contact a friend in the Public Relations Office who owed him a favor, send dummy news memos to his superiors, start his AI on building a glitzy presentation, summon his speechwriter, and alert the media that he would hold a major press conference in a few hours.

The lobby was crowded with floozies and whores in cheap, glitzy clothes, and guys wearing black jeans and black leather jackets, all of whom seemed to be chatting on cell phones, and none of whom looked the least bit like choirboys.

Philippe led me across Roppongi, crossing to the skankier, glitzier side where the streets were choked with touts and barkers, whores and shills, video arcades, hostess bars and love hotels.

She ran one of the glitziest bordellos in Storyville and was the most irresponsible, shallow harlot in the city.

Elvis is depicted in one of his glitziest white-silk-and-sequins Vegas stage ouffits while sitting on the toilet where he died.

In overlooking the bright blue water of Lake Worth, the mansion did not have a view of the Atlantic, but it also lacked the flocks of tourists and curiosity seekers that drove by the glitzy areas in an almost unending stream.