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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
a glittering career (=very successful, especially in sport or acting)
▪ Winning the gold medal was the highlight of her glittering career.
sth shines/sparkles/glitters etc in the sunlight
▪ His newly polished buttons glittered in the sunlight.
▪ Veins of crystal ran through it, glittering in the sun.
▪ At the top of the sky, everything glittered, the sun glinting off metal and concrete.
▪ Fresh snow glittered in the morning light.
▪ Jewels glittered in the dim light of the cave.
▪ The chandelier glittered, its crystal teardrops like small golden suns.
▪ The frost glittered on the ground.
▪ A graceful arc of the Verrazano Narrows Bridge glittered in the distance.
▪ The fat innkeeper was listening intently, his little black eyes glittering.
▪ The tiara had not glittered in Nicandra's wedding veil.
▪ the glitter of her diamond necklace
▪ the glitter of L.A.
▪ Beautiful auburn glitter at the bottom of the glass.
▪ He passed her with one sidelong glitter of let eyes, and left her shivering.
▪ His eyes had been rubbed a raw red by fatigue and cold and had a harried glitter.
▪ The glitter of the rhinestones was answered by the glitter of the diamond in her engagement ring.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Glitter \Glit"ter\, n. A bright, sparkling light; brilliant and showy luster; brilliancy; as, the glitter of arms; the glitter of royal equipage.


Glitter \Glit"ter\, v. i. [imp. & p. p. Glittered; p. pr. & vb. n. Glittering.] [OE. gliteren; akin to Sw. glittra, Icel. glitra, glita, AS. glitenian, OS. gl[=i]tan, OHG. gl[=i]zzan, G. gleissen, Goth. glitmunjan, and also to E. glint, glisten, and prob. glance, gleam.]

  1. To sparkle with light; to shine with a brilliant and broken light or showy luster; to gleam; as, a glittering sword.

    The field yet glitters with the pomp of war.

  2. To be showy, specious, or striking, and hence attractive; as, the glittering scenes of a court.

    Syn: To gleam; to glisten; to shine; to sparkle; to glare. See Gleam, Flash.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

c.1300, glideren (late 14c. as gliteren), from a Scandinavian source such as Old Norse glitra "to glitter," from glit "brightness," from Proto-Germanic *glit- "shining, bright" (cognates: Old English glitenian "to glitter, shine; be distinguished," Old High German glizzan, German glitzern, Gothic glitmunjan), from PIE *ghleid- (cognates: Greek khlidon, khlidos "ornament"), from root *ghel- (2) "to shine," with derivatives referring to bright materials and gold (see glass). Related: Glittered; glittering. The noun is c.1600, from the verb. Glitter rock is from 1972.


n. 1 A bright, sparkling light; brilliant and showy luster; brilliancy; as, the glitter of arms; the glitter of royal equipage. 2 A shiny, decorative adornment, sometimes sprinkled on glue to make simple artwork. vb. 1 To sparkle with light; to shine with a brilliant and broken light or showy luster; to gleam. 2 To be showy, specious, or striking, and hence attractive.

  1. n. the quality of glittering or sparkling brightly [syn: glister, glisten, scintillation, sparkle]

  2. the occurrence of a small flash or spark [syn: sparkle, coruscation]

  3. v. be shiny, as if wet; "His eyes were glistening" [syn: glisten, glint, gleam, shine]


Glitter describes an assortment of small, flat, reflective particles. Glitter particles reflect light at different angles, causing the surface to sparkle or shimmer. Glitter is like confetti, sparkles, or sequins, but somewhat smaller. Since prehistoric times, glitter has been made and used as decoration, from many different materials including stones such as malachite, galena, mica, insects, and glass. Modern glitter is usually manufactured from plastic.

Glitter (disambiguation)

Glitter is a mixture of shiny, flat reflective particles.

Glitter may also refer to:

  • Glitter (chimpanzee)
  • Glitter bombing, a form of civil disobedience
Glitter (Kaya album)

Glitter is the debut album of ex- Schwarz Stein vocalist Kaya, released on December 27, 2006.

Glitter contains remixes Kaya's first two singles "Kaleidoscope" and " Masquerade", as well as "Psycho Butterfly", the B-side of " Masquerade". All background music is composed by Hora (ex Schwarz Stein).

Glitter (song)

"Glitter" is the lead single from No Age's second album, Everything In Between. The track made its debut during a BBC 6 Music interview with Steve Lamacq. Sub Pop made the track available for download on August 10, 2010. It is available in two physical formats; a 7" b/w "Inflorescence" and a 12" b/w "In Rebound," and "Vision II."

Glitter (How I Met Your Mother)

"Glitter" is the ninth episode of the sixth season of the CBS sitcom How I Met Your Mother, and the 121st episode overall. It aired on November 15, 2010.

Glitter (film)

Glitter is a 2001 American romantic musical drama film produced by 20th Century Fox and Columbia Pictures, starring American R&B singer-songwriter Mariah Carey and featuring rapper Da Brat. The film was written by Kate Lanier and directed by Vondie Curtis Hall. Set in 1982, Carey plays Billie Frank, who wants to be a famous singer, and along with her friends Louise and Roxanne ( Tia Texada) is a club dancer. Timothy Walker ( Terrence Howard) offers them a contract as backup singers/dancers to a singer. In the premiere of the song they recorded, Frank meets Julian "Dice" Black ( Max Beesley), who is a DJ in a night club, and helps her in her solo career. In the process, Frank and Dice fall in love with each other.

Carey began working on a film and soundtrack project titled All That Glitters in 1997. However, during that period, her record company Columbia Records pressured Carey to release a compilation album, in time for the favorable holiday season in November 1998. Consequently, Carey put All That Glitters on hold. Following this, Carey aimed to complete the film and album project for the summer of 2001. Shooting began in Toronto and New York at the end of September 2000. Carey utilized the time to work on the soundtrack of the film, along with Eric Benét and Da Brat, who also appeared on the film.

The film was released on September 21, 2001, ten days after the release of the accompanying soundtrack on September 11, 2001. Before its release, Carey was suddenly hospitalized, citing "extreme exhaustion" and a "physical and emotional breakdown". Due to this, the film and its soundtrack were postponed for three weeks. Glitter was a major commercial failure and critical flop. Reviewers were highly disappointed with the film, and Carey's performance as an actress was considered by many to be amateur. This also caused the film to receive negative commentary along social media sites. Some went on to call it one of the worst films to be released. Glitter opened in 1,996 American theatres, and grossed $2.5 million in its first week. Its worldwide total was about $5.3 million. The soundtrack of the film had some commercial success and it went on to sell three million copies worldwide, considerably less compared with Carey's previous releases.

Glitter (Gary Glitter album)

(Gary) Glitter was an album released in 1972 by British glam rock singer Gary Glitter, produced by Bell Records. Two tracks, "I Didn't Know I Loved You ('Til I Saw You Rock 'n' Roll)" and "Rock And Roll", the latter a song in two parts, achieved success as singles; each spent time amongst the top 40 singles in both the US and UK.

The album featured, in addition to including the two singles, other original songs that generated fan support, including "Rock On!", "Shakey Sue" and "The Famous Instigator", as well as Glitter's versions of "Baby, Please Don't Go" (written and first performed by American Big Joe Williams) and " The Wanderer" (first recorded by Dion DiMucci & the Del-Satins). The disc was a best-seller, reaching a high of # 8 in the UK charts.

The album was the first by Glitter to achieve international success and presaged his 1973 Touch Me. The album was also reissued in 1996 as a picture disc that was limited to 5,000 copies, which had a slightly differing track list than the album (included four added tracks: "I'm the Leader of the Gang (I Am)", "It's Not a Lot", "Just Fancy That" and "Thank You Baby for Myself".

Glitter (soundtrack)

Glitter is the soundtrack album from the film of the same name, and the eighth studio album by American singer Mariah Carey. It was released on September 11, 2001, by Virgin Records America. The album was a complete musical departure from any of Carey's previous releases, focusing heavily on recreating a 1980s disco era to accompany the film, set in 1983. By covering or heavily sampling several older tunes and songs, Carey created Glitter as an album that would help viewers connect with the film, as well as incorporating newly written ballads. The singer collaborated with Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis and DJ Clue, who co-produced the album.

Musically, Glitter was structured to be a retro-influenced album and have more of a dance-oriented element. On several songs, critics noted Carey to be more sexually suggestive lyrically than before, in part due to the inclusion of several guest hip hop musicians. Glitter featured several other musical acts such as Eric Benét, Ludacris, Busta Rhymes, Fabolous, and Ja Rule. Both the album and its accompanying film were met with generally negative reviews from music critics who felt the album failed in trying to capture a genuine 1980s theme, and there were too many guest appearances. Universally, Glitter was viewed as a commercial and critical failure, leading to Virgin Records cancelling Carey's $100 million five-album contract and dropping her from the label. While it debuted at number seven on the US Billboard 200, it was Carey's lowest-first week sales of any album she had ever released. Internationally, it peaked outside the top-ten in many countries, but topped the charts in Japan. Glitter remains one of Carey's lowest selling albums.

Several singles were released but attained weak charting positions. " Loverboy" served as the first single from the album and quickly became Carey's lowest charting lead single globally. As the song stalled on the American charts, Virgin dropped the price to 0.99 cents to spur sales. The reduction helped the single peak at number two on the US Billboard Hot 100. Internationally, the song failed to garner much traction. " Never Too Far", the album's second single, became a minor American hit, reaching number 81 on the US Hot 100. Subsequent singles failed to make much of an impact on prominent global charts, some not charting at all.

Glitter (TV series)

Glitter is an American television drama series broadcast by the ABC network during the 1984-1985 season.

The series was produced by Aaron Spelling and was set behind the scenes of a top entertainment magazine titled "Glitter" and attempted to combine the urgency of journalism and business politics with the glamorous lifestyles of the rich and famous featured in the pages of the magazine. The leading cast members were David Birney, Morgan Brittany and Arthur Hill.

The format of the series was similar to two other popular ABC shows which were also produced by Aaron Spelling; The Love Boat and Hotel, in that each week it featured high-profile guest appearances from famous celebrities, including Ginger Rogers and Cyd Charisse. Unlike the other shows, Glitter was not a ratings success. It was scheduled on Thursday nights against Simon & Simon, Cheers and Night Court which were all among the Top 20 most-watched programs at that time. The first three episodes aired in September 1984, and then the show was taken off the air (though was still in production) until December 1984 when three more episodes were shown. Ratings did not improve and the series was cancelled. The remaining eight episodes were shown during December 1985 as part of ABC's late-night line-up.

Despite its lack of success in the US, Glitter was sold internationally. It was shown in the UK on BBC1 in the summer of 1985 (though not all episodes were shown).

Glitter (Perfume song)

"Glitter" (capitalized as "GLITTER") is a song recorded by Japanese recording girl group Perfume for their third studio album, JPN (2011). It was written, composed, arranged, and produced by Japanese musician and Capsule member Yasutaka Nakata. The song was included as a B-side track for the group’s single, " Spice". Musically, "Glitter" was described as an technopop song, influenced by dance music. Two versions were released; the original composition, and the remix that appeared on the parent album. It has appeared as the theme song for one commercial and television series in Japan.

Upon its release, the track garnered mixed to favourable reviews from music critics. Many critics believed it was better than the A-side single "Spice", both due to its production and commercial appeal. However, some criticized the album mix over the original edit. Due to the song being released digitally and as a B-side to "Spice", it was ruled ineligible to chart on Japan’s Oricon Singles Chart. However, it peaked at number 88 on Billboard's Japan Hot 100 chart. An accompanying music video was shot by Kazuaki Seki; it features the girls performing and dancing to the song in a blue and black room. It was performed on the groups 2011 JPN concert tour.

Usage examples of "glitter".

They will verify the truth of the oracle immediately, and when it is found that the famous diamond is but glittering paste the company will adore my father, for it will feel that but for him it would have been covered with shame, by avowing itself the dupe of a sharper.

Above the fog banks a wrack of cloud had gathered, the aerophane was coated with a glittering mist.

All at once the group opened up a bit and they saw a silvery, glittering aeroplane, agleam with new aluminum paint, throbbing and vibrating, as if anxious to be off.

No one guessed that the mourning dress of the celebrated French writer belonged to the merchant Fromery, and that the glittering diamond agraffes in his bosom, and the costly rings on his fingers, were the property of the Jew Hirsch.

More locks, more tools, rough chunks of metal and wood, and a number of devices whose uses Alec could not guess were mixed indiscriminately among masks, carvings, musical instruments of all descriptions, animal skulls, dried plants, fine pottery, glittering crystals-there was no rhyme or reason apparent in the arrangement.

At the zenith glittered the splendid Antares in the Scorpion, and not far was Alpha Centauri, which is believed to be the nearest star to the terrestrial globe.

The sun glittered off the silver radiator and off the engine-turned aluminium shield below the high perpendicular glass cliff of the windscreen.

Or perhaps it was just the ambience of the ancient place they had come to reinhabit, their return to this old place of earth and blood, as if the age of the Roman peace had been nothing but a glittering dream.

The backs had a glittering aquamarine finish with one stylized word printed in blazing gold across them.

All around and above them, wet and dripping, the walls were encrusted with aragonite crystals that glittered as Le Cagot moved the flare back and forth.

With several voice, with ascription one, The woods and the marsh and the sea and my soul Unto thee, whence the glittering stream of all morrows doth roll, Cry good and past-good and most heavenly morrow, lord Sun.

Upon these platforms were metal eating boards, golden and bedecked with many-colored glittering stones, tall pots called goblets astand beside them, also of golden metal and cluttered with stones.

The seat he sat upon was of the sort called throne, seemingly made of golden metal picked out in glittering stones, wide enough for his massive girth, draped in blue silk, astand upon a platform which raised the seat above the level of the others in the chamber.

The exhibits included specimens of gold dust from the Aureole and actual samples of the glittering ore.

The Caribbean sun was setting, sheening the distant ocean horizon a glittering copper rose, but Aurora scarcely saw the beauty.