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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ Los Angeles in 1984 gave us the glitz of Hollywood.
▪ No diamonds, no chandeliers, no party frocks and silk stockings, no glitz, no strains of smooching Sinatra.
▪ The event was also graced with a little Hollywood glitz when actress Bo Derek unexpectedly dropped by.
▪ The two girls were at work on Teen Voices, a quarterly publication intended to provide an alternative to the standard glitz.
▪ You know, it's either glitz or pretension.
Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1977, a back-formation from glitzy.\n


n. garish, brilliant showiness

Glitz (software)

Glitz is an API for 3D graphics and its implementation as software library. Glitz provides hardware acceleration using OpenGL for 2D graphics. Glitz is free and open-source software, subject to the requirements of the MIT License. Development is hosted at, but has largely ceased.


Glitz may refer to:

  • Glitz (software), an API for 3D graphics and its implementation as software library
  • Glitz (novel), a 1985 novel by Elmore Leonard
  • Glitz (TV channel), a lifestyle TV channel for women in Latin America
  • TNT Glitz (previously Glitz*), a lifestyle TV channel for women in Germany
Glitz (novel)

Glitz is a 1985 novel by author Elmore Leonard, following the story of Detective Vincent Mora who is being stalked by Teddy Magyk, the serial rapist he put away. It was made into a 1988 TV movie starring Jimmy Smits.

Glitz (TV channel)

Glitz (stylized ) is a cable television channel in Latin America, which was launched on May 1, 2011, replacing the local version of Fashion TV, after the license agreement between the French channel and the now-Glitz* parent Turner Broadcasting System (division of Time Warner), who purchased the channel from Claxson in 2007, ended in 2011.