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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Gleek \Gleek\, v. i. To make sport; to gibe; to sneer; to spend time idly. [Obs.]


Gleek \Gleek\, n. [OF. glic, G. gl["u]ck, fortune. See Luck.]

  1. A game at cards, once popular, played by three persons. [Obs.]
    --Pepys. Evelyn.

  2. Three of the same cards held in the same hand; -- hence, three of anything. [Obs.]


Gleek \Gleek\, n. [Prob. fr. Icel. leika to play, play a trick on, with the prefix ge-; akin to AS. gel[=a]can, Sw. leka to play, Dan. lege.]

  1. A jest or scoff; a trick or deception. [Obs.]

    Where's the Bastard's braves, and Charles his gleeks ?

  2. [Cf. Glicke] An enticing look or glance. [Obs.]

    A pretty gleek coming from Pallas' eye.
    --Beau. & Fl.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

card game, 1530s, from French glic, ghelicque (15c.), perhaps from Middle Dutch ghelic (Dutch gelijk) "like," because one of the goals of the game is collecting cards of the same rank.


Etymology 1 n. 1 A once popular game of cards played by three people. 2 Three of the same cards held in one hand; three of a kind. Etymology 2

n. 1 A jest or scoff; trick or deception. 2 An entice glance or look. 3 Good fortune; luck. 4 (context informal English) A stream of saliva from a person's mouth. vb. 1 (context archaic English) To jest, ridicule, or mock; to make sport of. 2 (context informal English) To discharge a long, thin stream of liquid, (including saliva) through the teeth or from under the tongue, sometimes by pressing the tongue against the salivary glands. Etymology 3

n. (context slang English) A geek who is involved in a glee club, choir, or singing.

Gleek (Super Friends)

Gleek is a fictional character appearing in the animated series Super Friends and its related spinoffs. He debuted in The All-New Super Friends Hour, which first aired September 10, 1977. Gleek's vocalizations were provided by Michael Bell who also voiced Zan.


Gleek may refer to:

  • A fan of Glee (TV series)
  • Gleek (card game), a 16th-century game similar to Post and Pair
  • Gleek (Super Friends), Wonder Twins' pet space monkey in the animated series Super Friends
  • Gleeking, a type of spitting that usually occurs while yawning
Gleek (card game)

Gleek is an English card game for three persons. It is played with a 44-card pack and was popular from the 16th century through the 18th century.

Usage examples of "gleek".

When I saw the party was gone all to pot, I did say we would change the game and brought out the cards for gleek which was a game the Hollander did not know.

His great genius for financial combinations was at this time employed by him in gleek, trick-track, quadrille, whist, loo, ombre, and other pastimes of mingled luck and skill.

The stealing of that sum could be laid directly upon the work of Jackson Gleek, the general manager.

He has gathered the final documents--papers which will support my story--authentic letters received by Jackson Gleek from the master crook behind a game of crime.

WIMBLEDON and his henchmen, Gleek and Harlton, had agreed that other faults would pass unnoticed until after delivery.

English are not good at hating, but, unlike Bottom, who could merely gleek, no doubt they can murder, upon occasion.