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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Emery \Em"er*y\, n. [F. ['e]meri, earlier ['e]meril, It. smeriglio, fr. Gr. ?, ?, ?, cf. ? to wipe; perh. akin to E. smear. Cf. Emeril.] (Min.) Corundum in the form of grains or powder, used in the arts for grinding and polishing hard substances. Native emery is mixed with more or less magnetic iron. See the Note under Corundum.

Emery board, cardboard pulp mixed with emery and molded into convenient.

Emery cloth or Emery paper, cloth or paper on which the powder of emery is spread and glued for scouring and polishing.

Emery wheel, a wheel containing emery, or having a surface of emery. In machine shops, it is sometimes called a buff wheel, and by the manufacturers of cutlery, a glazer. [1913 Webster] ||


n. 1 One who applies glaze, as in pottery, etc.; one who gives a glasslike or glossy surface to anything; a calenderer or smoother of cloth, paper, etc. 2 (context slang English) Slang reference to a person who is prone to endless monologuing; derived from the common practice of talking at you until your eyes "glaze" over.


n. someone who cuts flat glass to size [syn: glass cutter, glass-cutter, glassworker, glazier]


Glazer is a surname that is derived from the occupation of the glazier, or glass cutter. Some notable people with this name include:

  • Avram Glazer
  • Benjamin Glazer, screenwriter, producer, foley artist, and director of American films from the 1920s through the 1950s
  • Bryan Glazer
  • Eugene Robert Glazer, American actor
  • Frank Glazer, American pianist, composer, and professor of music
  • Jay Glazer
  • Joel Glazer
  • Jonathan Glazer, director
  • Malcolm Glazer
  • Michael Glazer, television producer and event planner
  • Nathan Glazer, American commentator
  • Tom Glazer. American folk singer and songwriter

Usage examples of "glazer".

Joel Glazer had been on the phone with Broadus the day I talked to him.

Joel Glazer and Harvey Broadus had gone to great lengths to suggest that Dow was at fault in the Medicare scandal brewing under the surface.

Joel Glazer had probably talked her into signing the DBA application before they married.

He worked among Trekkies and canoeing fanatics, an ex-CIA agent and a world-class glazer of chocolate truffles.

Anyway, the Glazers don't use the cottage, so they decided, hey, why not?

He'd asked me questions about specific gun fights, and what I'd learned was that the reason the Glazers had done what I wanted them to do was mostly being almost point blank every time I used them for a kill.

Because, make no mistake, if he kept coming after I'd pumped him full of two Glazer Safety Rounds, which hurt a hell of a lot even if you could heal the damage, the first silver bullet was not going to be aimed to wound.