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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
a blatant/glaring example (=very obvious and very bad)
▪ His case is a blatant example of the unfairness of the current systen.
a glaring error (=very bad and very noticeable)
▪ There is a glaring error on page 10, where his date of death is given as 2053, not 1003.
a glaring omission (=one that is very bad and easily noticed)
blinding flash/light/glare etc
▪ the desert with its strange twisted plants and its blinding light
glaring inconsistencies (=very noticeable differences)
▪ There were several glaring inconsistencies in his report.
the glare of publicity (=a lot of publicity, which can make you feel uncomfortable)
▪ He carried on his life in the full glare of publicity.
▪ She glared across at him and fought with her burning temper.
▪ An ambulanceman glared angrily at him and mouthed something I couldn't understand, although the gesture he made seemed clear enough.
▪ My own range-extender is to glare angrily at the receiver.
▪ The servants glared angrily, eager to get the grisly business over and done with.
▪ The clerk glared angrily at him as he paused in the doorway.
▪ Throgmorton glared angrily at Benjamin as if he recognised a rival.
▪ Piper glared angrily at his bulky silhouette.
▪ Annoyed, Robbie glared back at him.
▪ She spun around on the porch and glared back at the open window.
▪ The heaving mare glared back at him, too exhausted to move.
▪ Miguel glared back like a cornered rat, lifting himself up with the stick.
▪ Cranston glared back at him and waddled over.
▪ But she seemed unaware of it as her green eyes glared back at the man who had struck her.
▪ Adam glared back at him and looked away.
▪ The only faces that greeted them belonged to sundry dead abbots glaring down from dusky oil paintings.
▪ Moose and bear prints dotted the sand bars and bald eagles glared down at us from river-side perches.
▪ He glared down at us threateningly, arms braced against the high wall, weapon plainly visible.
▪ All over Isfahan are murals of an angry Khomeini glaring down from the clouds.
▪ Running her tongue across her teeth she glared down at the object of her annoyance.
▪ The sun glared down on us....
▪ The sun glared down, dazzling them.
▪ A lady at their side glared down at them.
Most glaring was the bungled arrest attempt last month of a 21-year-murder suspect in Kyoto.
▪ He and they are just the most glaring example of what happens when any league pushes style ahead of substance.
▪ In this case, quickly rewrite for the most glaring problem.
▪ The most glaring example was the Sandburg Village high-rise development, about twelve blocks north of the Loop.
▪ To point to only the most glaring contradiction: What kind of literacy would they be eager to advance?
▪ Some lords considered themselves to be above command - and he glared round the company.
▪ The meeting ended with all his parishioners glaring up at him accusingly.
▪ In mounting anger she glared up at the taunting dark face, wondering how she could ever have thought his laughter attractive.
▪ The ginger tomcat glared up at her, its tail lashing furiously from side to side.
▪ They glared up at her, a testimony to her stupidity.
▪ He hated the set of different faces glaring up at him night after night.
▪ She stood there with hands on her hips, glaring with a face like thunder.
▪ The Opel was still hovering at the kerbside, lights glaring, waiting to pounce.
▪ Its radiant white light glares off of the snow around me.
▪ When the teacher switched on the fluorescent lights, the paints glared, uncomfortably vivid.
▪ Every light seemed to be glaring from the windows when they arrived.
▪ Myles stood glaring at him, not offering to help.
▪ Peggy Soong stood behind him and glared at the woman sitting opposite Quinn.
▪ There was some one standing behind him, glaring evilly at her.
▪ Finding nothing, she turned back to glare at him.
murderous look/expression/glare etc
▪ She cast a murderous look over his hard male profile.
▪ She had stopped giving me murderous looks and seemed quite bright-eyed as we got ourselves ready to leave the ship.
▪ "You can go if you want, but I'm staying," Denise said glaring at him.
▪ Claude put down his fork and glared across the table.
▪ He sat there in silence, glaring angrily.
▪ Adam glared back at him and looked away.
▪ He glared at Newman and then left the room with Carver.
▪ I added cheerfully, but Lilly glared at me, and we ate our cinnamon toast in silence.
▪ Miguel glared back like a cornered rat, lifting himself up with the stick.
▪ No one complained, or even glared at me.
▪ Peggy Soong stood behind him and glared at the woman sitting opposite Quinn.
▪ Management in the public sector is a highly political process, operating in the full glare of political debate and public attention.
▪ And she sympathises with her having to live her life in the full glare of the spotlight.
▪ On 9 January 1986 Heseltine dramatically walked out of a full Cabinet and resigned in the full glare of televisual attention.
▪ This uncertainty was reflected in unprecedented levels of argument within the government, conducted in the full glare of public attention.
▪ With the murder Raskolnikov erupts into the full glare of the actual, and parts company with his predecessor.
▪ Best's decline was conducted in the full glare of self seeking publicity.
▪ He tittered nervously as he tried to see through the glare of the flames.
▪ The sun was behind him and she could see the glare that shone on his bald pate.
fix sb with a stare/glare/look etc
murderous look/expression/glare etc
▪ She cast a murderous look over his hard male profile.
▪ She had stopped giving me murderous looks and seemed quite bright-eyed as we got ourselves ready to leave the ship.
▪ He looked me straight in the eye with a stern glare.
▪ Polarized sunglasses reduce glare.
▪ She gave him an icy glare.
▪ the glare from the skylight
▪ the glare of the car's headlights
▪ The heat and glare of the furnace is immense.
▪ Her blackface glistened in the glare of the stage lights.
▪ His eyes looked up at her in a glare of hate.
▪ Management in the public sector is a highly political process, operating in the full glare of political debate and public attention.
▪ Mars and Mercury were hidden in the sun's glare and Pluto was too small and distant to appear.
▪ The glare of sunlight under the edge of the roof hurt his eyes.
▪ They displayed 14 models under the glare of quartz-halogen floodlights.
▪ When you look at them, you imagine your eyes aching in the intense glare of the desert in heat.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Glare \Glare\ (gl[^a]r), v. i. [imp. & p. p. Glared; p. pr. & vb. n. Glaring.] [OE. glaren, gloren; cf. AS. gl[ae]r amber, LG. glaren to glow or burn like coals, D. gloren to glimmer; prob. akin to E. glass.]

  1. To shine with a bright, dazzling light.

    The cavern glares with new-admitted light.

  2. To look with fierce, piercing eyes; to stare earnestly, angrily, or fiercely.

    And eye that scorcheth all it glares upon.

  3. To be bright and intense, as certain colors; to be ostentatiously splendid or gay.

    She glares in balls, front boxes, and the ring.


Glare \Glare\, v. t. To shoot out, or emit, as a dazzling light.

Every eye Glared lightning, and shot forth pernicious fire.


Glare \Glare\, n.

  1. A bright, dazzling light; splendor that dazzles the eyes; a confusing and bewildering light.

    The frame of burnished steel that cast a glare.

  2. A fierce, piercing look or stare.

    About them round, A lion now he stalks with fiery glare.

  3. A viscous, transparent substance. See Glair.

  4. A smooth, bright, glassy surface; as, a glare of ice. [U. S. ]


Glare \Glare\, a. [See Glary, and Glare, n.] Smooth and bright or translucent; -- used almost exclusively of ice; as, skating on glare ice. [U. S.]

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

late 13c., "shine brightly," from or related to Middle Dutch, Middle Low German glaren "to gleam," related by rhoticization to glas (see glass). Sense of "stare fiercely" is from late 14c. The noun is c.1400 in sense "bright light;" 1660s in sense of "fierce look." Old English glær (n.) meant "amber." Related: Glared; glaring.

  1. (context US of ice English) smooth and bright or translucent; glary n. 1 (context uncountable English) An intense, blinding light. 2 showy brilliance; gaudiness. 3 An angry or fierce stare. 4 (context telephony English) A call collision; the situation where an incoming call occurs at the same time as an outgoing call. 5 (context US English) A smooth, bright, glassy surface. 6 A viscous, transparent substance; glair. v

  2. 1 (context intransitive English) To stare angrily. 2 (context intransitive English) To shine brightly. 3 To be bright and intense, or ostentatiously splendid. 4 (context transitive English) To shoot out, or emit, as a dazzling light.

  1. n. great brightness; "a glare of sunlight"; "the flowers were a blaze of color" [syn: blaze, brilliance]

  2. an angry stare [syn: glower]

  3. a focus of public attention; "he enjoyed being in the limelight"; "when Congress investigates it brings the full glare of publicity to the agency" [syn: limelight, spotlight, public eye]

  1. v. look at with a fixed gaze; "The girl glared at the man who tried to make a pass at her" [syn: glower]

  2. be sharply reflected; "The moon glared back at itself from the lake's surface"

  3. shine intensely; "The sun glared down on us"


Glass laminate aluminium reinforced epoxy (GLARE) is a fiber metal laminate (FML) composed of several very thin layers of metal (usually aluminium) interspersed with layers of glass-fiber " pre-preg", bonded together with a matrix such as epoxy. The uni-directional pre-preg layers may be aligned in different directions to suit the predicted stress conditions.

Although GLARE is a composite material, its material properties and fabrication are very similar to bulk aluminium metal sheets. It has far less in common with composite structures when it comes to design, manufacture, inspection or maintenance. GLARE parts are constructed and repaired using mostly conventional metal material techniques.

Its major advantages over conventional aluminium are:

  • Better " damage tolerance" behavior (especially impact and metal fatigue, as the elastic strain is larger than other metal material it can consume more impact energy. It is dented easier but has a higher penetration resistance )
  • Better corrosion resistance
  • Better fire resistance
  • Lower specific weight

Furthermore, it is possible to "tailor" the material during design and manufacture such that the number, type and alignment of layers can suit the local stresses and shapes throughout the aircraft. This allows the production of double-curved sections, complex integrated panels or very large sheets, for example.

While a simple manufactured sheet of GLARE will be more expensive than an equivalent sheet of aluminium, considerable production savings can be made using the aforementioned optimization. A structure properly designed for GLARE will be significantly lighter and less complex than an equivalent metal structure, and will require less inspection and maintenance and enjoy a much longer lifetime-till failure, making it a cheaper, lighter and safer option overall.

Glare (vision)

Glare is difficulty seeing in the presence of bright light such as direct or reflected sunlight or artificial light such as car headlamps at night. Because of this, some cars include mirrors with automatic anti-glare functions.

Glare is caused by a significant ratio of luminance between the task (that which is being looked at) and the glare source. Factors such as the angle between the task and the glare source and eye adaptation have significant impacts on the experience of glare.

Glare (album)

Glare is the first album by Irish musician Leo O'Kelly. It was originally planned for October 2000 but was released on February 2, 2001 in Ireland by Clarinda & 1st and distributed by Gael-Linn Records.

Usage examples of "glare".

Looking through the porthole, Ahl saw the great red glare of the funeral fire.

The water witch shot a glare at both Fidelias and Amara and then left.

The amphicyon glared in helpless rage at the small human sitting high above it, the human that was forcing, bending, compelling.

There was a thud below him as the baffled cat fell back to earth, and then Tarzan of the Apes, drawing his dinner farther up to the safety of a higher limb, looked down with grinning face into the gleaming yellow eyes of the other wild beast that glared up at him from beneath, and with taunting insults flaunted the tender carcass of his kill in the face of him whom he had cheated of it.

As his eyes sought the authors of the frightful sound he saw standing upon the shore, glaring at him with hate-filled eyes, a devil-faced panther surrounded by the hideous apes of Akut, and in the forefront of them a giant black warrior who shook his fist at him, threatening him with terrible death.

The little red people interpreted their sullen bovine glares as subservience only, but all the while the Archaea were looking at them thinking, You cannibals, we are going to get you some day.

Then, glaring at its foes with blazing hatred, the archfiend jerked its hands as if snapping a stick.

And she was afraid her father, who must at first have minded very much and then had come to mind less, had perhaps by now learned to count on returning home every night to a dark and peaceful house instead of stepping into the full, accusing spotlight glare as Ginger sat, slightly atilt at the kitchen alcove table, presiding tragically over a baked-away casserole, sipping vermouth and twisting her rings.

Had earthquakes shaken the windows atilt so they mirrored intruders with distorted gleams and glares?

McGrath looked down at the still form, his brain a maelstrom of seething emotions, then wheeled, glaring, every nerve atingle, his pistol springing into his hand.

Their head housekeeper, skinny and tough as a piece of barbed wire, placed both freckled hands on the gazebo railing and glared at Axminster Stoker.

Third, Bruno himself stuck in said inn for the rest of the day while his passenger goes off with a young Austrian witness to pursue his investigations -finally cracks up under the dour cloud of graceless silence and the glares of loathing lasered his way by the locals, and finally freaks out completely at a cafe where he and Zen stop on the way back down the mountain, screaming action ably offensive abuse at the stocky, stolid Teutonic blockheads who have made his life and those of all his fellow recruits a misery for months on end.

From the glare he gave Bailli, it was plain he did not like the idea of marching for several days.

He glared across at Hwoshien, the two men regarding each other like a couple of irritated banty roosters.

Totha screamed in triumph and was on the point of leaping into his chariot to finish him when she choked, stood stiffly upright, her eyes glaring, and then clutched at the basketwork of the chariot.