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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ Granny turned to face the sheer white brilliance, and dosed her eyes.
▪ The second was sheer brilliance from Joey Beauchamp.
flash of inspiration/brilliance/insight/anger etc
▪ He is some one who feeds off flashes of insight, like bolts of lightning from a clear blue sky.
▪ Mario Bennett, another first-round pick last summer, also showed flashes of brilliance after returning from knee surgery.
▪ One who'd probably mowed the nurses down in his student days, too, she thought with a flash of insight.
▪ There was no momentary flash of inspiration; it was typical of Laura's talent to turn a disadvantage into an advantage.
▪ There were flashes of brilliance from Michael Hordern and Kelly Hunter but generally the acting lacked sparkle.
▪ With a flash of insight, she imagined Guy's jilted fiancée had received a timely escape.
▪ Eddie's brilliance brought him top marks on the Harvard entrance exam.
▪ Hendrix's brilliance as a rock guitarist has never been matched.
▪ His reputation was founded on his organizational abilities and his acknowledged brilliance as a leader of men.
▪ Above, the cloud banks had parted: the moon poured down its drenching blue brilliance.
▪ But giant tubeworms are 6-foot-long expletives, shouts of brilliance, startling in their vivid simplicity and exposure.
▪ Examples of brilliance crop up in one in ten autistic children.
▪ I can think of kids that are now working on a level of brilliance who fall into that category.
▪ The sky was clear and the sunlight had a brilliance and intensity that made her head reel.
▪ Turning a corner by a fountain, I see a rose, illuminated in its brilliance.
▪ We congratulated each other on our brilliance and bravery.
Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1755, from brilliant + -ance. Figurative sense (of wit, intelligence, etc.) is from 1779. Distinguished from brilliancy in that the latter usually is applied to things measurable in degrees.


n. 1 The quality of being exceptionally effulgent (giving off light). 2 The quality of having extraordinary mental capacity. 3 (context chiefly British English) magnificence; resplendence.

  1. n. great brightness; "a glare of sunlight"; "the flowers were a blaze of color" [syn: glare, blaze]

  2. the quality of being magnificent or splendid or grand [syn: magnificence, splendor, splendour, grandeur, grandness]

  3. unusual mental ability [syn: genius]

Brilliance (graphics editor)

Brilliance is a bitmap graphics editor for the Amiga computer, published by Digital Creations in 1993. Although marketed as a single package, Brilliance in reality consisted of two separate (but near identical-looking) applications. One was a palette-based package also named Brilliance. The other was a true color package called TrueBrilliance.

The Brilliance package was one of the major rivals to Deluxe Paint, the established " killer app" in Amiga bitmap graphics editing. At its launch, Brilliance attracted generally favorable reviews. One commonly noted point was TrueBrilliance's performance on Hold-and-Modify and true color images, which was significantly faster than that of Deluxe Paint IV. However, despite being faster and easier to use than Deluxe Paint, Brilliance never achieved the same level of popularity. It may be significant that (in contrast to Deluxe Paint) by the time of Brilliance's launch, the Amiga market was already in serious decline.

TrueBrilliance was notable for its ability to edit true 15 and 24-bit color images, even on older Amigas which could only display HAM-6 (pseudo-12-bit color) graphics. In such cases, the image was rendered as a HAM display, but all modifications were performed on the underlying true color image buffer. Even when the final image was intended for HAM display, this had the advantage that successive operations did not accumulate HAM artifacts on top of each other. Loss of quality could be restricted to a single HAM conversion at the end of the process.

Brilliance (Atlantic Starr album)

Brilliance is the fourth studio album by Atlantic Starr. This album featured hit singles "Love Me Down" and "Circles". The album also contained the Sam Dees composition "Your Love Finally Ran Out", which was previously recorded by their then labelmate Les McCann under the title "So Your Love Finally Ran Out For Me" on his 1979 album Tall, Dark & Handsome.


Brilliance may refer to:

  • Brilliance Auto, a car company from China
  • Brilliance (graphics editor), a bitmap graphics editor for the Amiga
  • Brilliance (Thelonious Monk album), a 1956 album by Thelonious Monk
  • Brilliance (Atlantic Starr album), a 1982 album by Atlantic Starr
  • Brilliance, a 2005 album by Chieko Kawabe
  • Brilliance Audio, ebook subsidiary of Amazon
  • Genius, a person who displays exceptional intellectual ability
  • Brilliance, the quality of an x-ray source
  • Brilliance (gemstone), a measure of the light performance]] of gemstone diamonds

Usage examples of "brilliance".

A spew of fire-red brilliance came suddenly from the very center of it, where lurked the accretion disk.

Supplied by acetylene, this instrument of illumination brought a strange brilliance throughout the living room.

And King Bester, comfortable in the cramped warrens of the city, trembled under the star-filled sky with its cold brilliance.

Tuckwell, I felt remorse scatter in instrumental brilliance, bravura trills, shakes, flourishes, demisemiquavers.

The faded magnificence of its coloured patches had returned to their initial, burnished brilliance.

My sweetheart was above the ordinary height, her hair was a fine golden colour, and her regular features, despite the brilliance of her eyes, expressed candour and modesty.

I did not stop, but went up the steps and was received with the usual hospitality, and on their expressing some wonder as to the unusual brilliance of my attire I explained the circumstances of the case.

Now he began to wonder whether it might in fact be the other way around, and the trees actually some darker, closer part of this overarching brilliance that hurt his eyes.

If the Montegeau stones were recut to maximize brilliance, it would increase their value by half, at least.

The scalloped line of colors flowed down the edge of the rear wings as it did the frontred-violet, white, purple, and reddish brown tracing the edge of all his wings downward past the brilliance of pink and orange to spill on long curved tails so that that last grace of wing was thick with dark stripes of color.

But what he remembered as a delightful amusement park had been replaced by a huge Screamer isolation institute that reared into the night sky and gleamed in the antiseptic brilliance of its own illumination.

They passed through the gaudy brilliance of Times Square, and then one of the men said something to the driver and the car turned aside into the narrower crosstown streets and began a series of well-calculated maneuvers, which a skillful tail might follow but only at the price of betraying himself.

As for Spennie, the brilliance of his happy grin dazzled all beholders.

Liath staggered at its brilliance, yet within the archway of leaping flames shadows writhed.

Quickly, he scanned the tracks beneath him, located the yellow warning stapes and the bright clean rail, and thrust his foot beneath the shoe guard as the world dissolved in a flash of miraculous brilliance.