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Etymology 1 n. (context hypocoristic slang English) The vagina. Etymology 2

n. (context US Canada slang derogatory English) The female equivalent of a gino.


Gina may refer to:

  • Gina (given name), multiple individuals
  • Gina (Canaan), a town in ancient Canaan

GINA may refer to:

  • Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act, a bill signed into United States law in 2008 designed to prohibit the improper use of genetic information in health insurance and employment
  • BMW GINA, a prototype car by BMW
  • Global Initiative for Asthma
Gina (Canaan)

Gina, mentioned in the Amarna Letters, was a town in ancient Canaan. The citizens of Gina were responsible for the death of Labaya. The town was later known as Beth-Hagan and was probably located roughly on the spot of the modern town of Jenin.

Gina (given name)

Gina (occasional variants Geena, Gena, Jeana, Jeanna) is a feminine given name, in origin a hypocoristic form of names ending in -gina (by metanalysis of the latinate feminine suffix -ina), such as Luigina, Regina or Georgina, also of Virginia or Eugenia.

The short form was popularized in the 1950s by the actress Gina Lollobrigida (b. 1927), whose birth name is Luigina. Lollobrigida became famous in 1953, from which year popularity of the given name Gina in the United State rose steeply, reaching a peak at rank 54 in 1967. Since the 1970s, it has declined steadily, falling below rank 1,000 in 2009.

Gina (film)

Gina is a Canadian drama film from Quebec, directed by Denys Arcand and released in 1975.

The film stars Celine Lomez as Gina, a stripper who, after being raped in a motel room, hires two criminal thugs to exact her revenge on the rapists.

Usage examples of "gina".

There were currently a number of Ganymeans at various places on Earth for various reasons, and Hunt guessed that Gina was assuming the two faces on the screen to be among them.

She was unhappy that he was abandoning play writing but he felt that he could earn real money writing for the movies and then he could keep Gina with him.

Gina waded through the snowdrifts a few steps ahead of him, less accustomed to the cold than he was, probably feeling it even more sharply.

The hotel manager, Eric Venders, whom Gina had gotten to know casually, was also at the desk.

All the girls, all the women, got bendier and coilier and craftieruntil you came to Gina.

Two and a half months after Gina moved down to London (she was surprisingly well organized and unterrified, and without his seeming to do much about it she soon had a tube-map and a duplicate of his door key and a diary/address book and a job andno, she insisteda studio flat nice and near to his place with white curtains and a white sofa that at midnight she transformed into an aromatic bed infested with embroidered pillows and cuddly animals where he too was cuddled and canoodled and regularly rendered speechless by her ultrametropolitan diligence and ingenuity on top of all the primitive ardor), Richard left her and went back to Dominique-Louise, to his bulimic vamp, who screamed at him all night long and never got the curse.

She was sitting on the porch in her rocker, chording her guitar and watching Gina at play in the yard, her broken leg in its cast stuck out stiffly in front of her.

Gina said, her voice as youthful and breathless and perkily excited as if she were announcing the score in a game of beach volleyball.

When we fired the last one—there was a brass-balled bitch if ever there was one—and we got Gina, it was like someone cracked the gate of heaven just enough for an angel to slip through, only the stupid thing tripped over its own gold-sandaled feet and when it fell to earth it landed on its head.

Gina, going straight to the top in what Hunt had already seen to be her direct, forthright fashion, had gotten in touch with Caldwell to ask if UNSA could help her with the book.

The tape was played in open court: McCloskey tearfully admitting to hiring Findlay to maim Gina Prince but refusing to explain why.

As Gina stared, a small group consisting of two Ganymeans surrounded by a half-dozen or more humans gesticulating and seemingly talking all at once passed close by.

She cast a look past Chur and Haral to the Llun, Ginas, who nodded, a flat-eared and anxious stare in return "You don't," Pyanfar said, "have to make the return trip There's no reason for you to, ker Llun.

Mama Macaroni, Mario Macaroni, and Gina Macaroni were the principals, and a bunch of miscellaneous Macaronis helped out when needed.

He chanced a look at Gina, as he clicked the mouse button to connect again with UNA3, and then clicked ‘.