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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Gim \Gim\, a. [Cf. Gimp, a.] Neat; spruce. [Prov.]


a. (context dialect dated English) neat; spruce


GIM or Gim may refer to:

  • Generation Investment Management, a London-based investment management firm
  • Goa Institute of Management, an Indian Business School
  • Gruppe Internationale Marxisten, a Trotskyist group
  • Guided Imagery and Music, a technique used in music therapy
  • Gim (food), a Korean-style laver
  • Gim (sword), the Chinese straight sword used for more than 2000 years in China
  • Ğīm, the fifth letter of the Arabic alphabet
  • Kim (Korean name) or Gim, a Korean surname
  • GIM mechanism, a mechanism in quantum field theory.
  • Moluccan Evangelical Church, (Geredja Indjili Maluku), a Reformed Christian denomination in the Netherlands
Gim (food)

Gim , also spelled as kim, is the Korean word for edible seaweed in the genus Porphyra. It is similar to nori, a Japanese word for this seaweed and used in the production of sushi in Japan. Porphyra is also called laver in English.

Usage examples of "gim".

Ennyway he said Gim Melcher and Charles Talor led him into a good many scrapes and Aunt Sarah she said she gessed me and Beany and Pewt want a sercumstance to father and Gim Melcher and Charles Talor.

Beany he said if we wood call it square about the feeds he wood get Gim Elerson to nale on the shue.

Gim Miller and Ben Rundlet had a good fite, and tomorrow Plug Atherton and Diddly Colket are going to have a fite it is most as much fun to see fites as to play football.

Charles Talor was down to the house tonite and kept us all laffing to hear him tell stories about father and Gim Melcher.

Pewt dident give me his fathers pigs bladder that he promised me when i let him see the fite when Gim Erly licked Will Simpkins.

In the second level, that of the canopies, is found an incredible variety of birds, Warblers, finches, mindars, the crested lit and the common lit, the fruit tindel, the yellow gim, tanagers, some varieties of parrot, and many more.