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Gifu (disambiguation)

Gifu is the capital city of Gifu Prefecture, Japan.

Gifu (岐阜) may also refer to:

  • Gifu Prefecture, located in the Chūbu region of central Japan
  • Gifu (region), a region located in southcentral Gifu Prefecture
  • Gifu Castle atop Mt. Kinka in the city of Gifu
  • Gifu University, in Gifu, Japan
  • the Gifu meteorite of 1909, which fell in Chūbu, Japan (see meteorite fall)
  • Battle of Gifu Castle in Japan in 1600
  • Battle of Mount Austen, the Galloping Horse, and the Sea Horse in Guadalcanal in 1943, sometimes called the Battle of the Gifu

is a city located in the south-central portion of Gifu Prefecture, Japan, and serves as the prefectural capital. The city has played an important role in Japan's history because of its location in the middle of the country. During the Sengoku period, various warlords, including Oda Nobunaga, used the area as a base in an attempt to unify and control Japan. Gifu continued to flourish even after Japan's unification as both an important shukuba along the Edo period Nakasendō and, later, as one of Japan's fashion centers. Before becoming a modern city, it was part of the former Atsumi District, but it has since been designated a core city by the national government.

Located on the alluvial plain of the Nagara River, Gifu has taken advantage of the surrounding natural resources to create both traditional industries (including Mino washi and agriculture) and tourism opportunities like cormorant fishing. Mount Kinka, one of the city's major symbols, is home to a nationally designated forest and Gifu Castle, a replica of Nobunaga's former castle. Gifu also hosts many festivals and events throughout the year.

Two major rail lines connect Gifu to Japan's national and international transportation infrastructure. JR Central's Tōkaidō Main Line runs through the city, connecting it with Nagoya, one of Japan's largest cities, and the surrounding area. The city has a direct train route to Chūbu Centrair International Airport and facilities capable of hosting international events. Gifu has active relationships with six sister cities.

As of July 2011, the city has an estimated population of 412,895 and a population density of about 2,000 persons per km². The total area is 202.89 km².

Gifu (region)

is the southcentral portion of Gifu Prefecture in the Chūbu region of Japan. It shares its name with the prefecture and the capital city of Gifu. The borders of this region are not officially set, but it generally consists of the following cities and towns: Gifu, Kakamigahara, Hashima, Mizuho, Motosu, Yamagata, Kasamatsu, Ginan and Kitagata.

Usage examples of "gifu".

Then, at a convenient moment, go to Gifu Castie and explain your plan in person.

And so the castle at Gifu was busy with celebrations for the next two years.

This was the day that Mitsuhide entered Gifu Castle and met Nobunaga for the first time.

Would you be satisfied to spend your lives quietly in some scenic place in Gifu, and become early recluses in a large palace, with your meals provided by your host?

By the seventh day, they were already marching out of Gifu for the capital.

Again he commanded decrees to be posted throughout the province, and immediately sent Fuwa Kawachi off with the command to bring Yoshiaki from Gifu to Moriyama.

Nobunaga had settled the situation in the capital and returned to Gifu, he turned away from the matters that had preoccupied him and found that Mikawa was no longer the weak, poverty-stricken province it had once been.

There were several good reasons for him to get back to Gifu as quickly as possible.

If he had idled in Kyoto for another month, there might have been no castle or clan to return to, but he reached Gifu Castle without incident.

Oda had temporarily abandoned Gifu, and it seemed as though they were making a combined effort in their attack on Nagashima.

My intention is to catch Gifu off guard, to streak through Mikawa, Totomi, Owari, and Mino like a clap of thunder, and then go on to the capital.

Amakasu Sanpei, the Takeda ninja, was still spying on the Oda in Ise or Gifu, but you had already come back.

Nobunaga mumbled something about the man being too impatient, and returned to Gifu just as soon as he had finished with Mount Hiei.

But if we just bypassed Ieyasu now, when we got to Gifu, Ieyasu would come to the aid of the Oda by obstructing our rear.

When Nobunaga had attacked the Saito in Gifu, how much had they hindered him and come to the aid of the Saito?