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ghetto house

n. (context music English) a style of house music from Chicago, featuring drum machines and sometimes sexually explicit lyrics

Ghetto house

Ghetto house or booty house, is a genre of Chicago house which started being recognized as a distinct style from around 1992 onwards. It features minimal 808 and 909 drum machine-driven tracks and sometimes sexually explicit lyrics.

The template of classic Chicago house music (primarily, "It's Time for the Percolator" by Cajmere) was used with the addition of sexual lyrics. It has usually been made on minimal equipment with little or no effects. It usually features either a " 4-to-the-floor" kick drum or beat-skipping kick drums such as those found in the subgenre "juke" (full sounding, but not too long or distorted) along with Roland 808 and 909 synthesized tom-tom sounds, minimal use of analogue synths, and short, slightly dirty sounding (both sonically and lyrically) vocals samples, often repeated in various ways. Also common are 808 and 909 clap sounds, and full " rapped" verses and choruses.