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Ghantaghar (literally clock-tower) is a location in the center of Chandni Chowk, Delhi, where an iconic clock tower, termed Northbrook Clocktower during early 20th century, stood originally built in 1870 stood until its partial collapse and subsequent demolition in 1950s. The term "Chandni Chowk" ( translation: silvery or moonlit square) originally referred to this location which later came to designate the entire street. The Ghantaghar location has been regarded as the center of Delhi, and even now serves as a center for major civic events. Today, Delhi Town Hall is located at the site.

It was perhaps the oldest clock tower in India, constructed before Rajabai Clock Tower, Mumbai, 1878, Husainabad Clock Tower, Lucknow, 1881, and Secunderabad Clock Tower, Secunderabad, 1897. While the clock tower is long gone, the location is still termed Ghantaghar within Old Delhi.

Ghantaghar was the location of some of the events relating to Indian's freedom movement. On March 30, 1919, many protesters were killed by the British soldiers. It is still a very popular spot for organizing protests.