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Gex (series)

Gex is a platform video game series, developed by Crystal Dynamics, that details the adventures of an anthropomorphic gecko named Gex. Gex has a passion for television, which makes him a target for the cybernetic being, Rez, who is determined to overthrow The Media Dimension, the "world" of television. He has also served as the mascot of Crystal Dynamics, appearing on their company logo for several years. In the North American version, Gex is voiced by comedian Dana Gould throughout the entire series; the United Kingdom version features Dana Gould, Leslie Phillips and Danny John-Jules as Gex's voice throughout the series.

The games are largely inspired by American TV culture. Gex also contributes to the games with wise-cracking remarks laced with media and pop-culture references, reminiscent to the catchphrases of Duke Nukem and most notably those of Ash Williams, the protagonist from The Evil Dead films.

Gex also appears as an unlockable character in the North American and European versions of Hot Shots Golf 2.

The Gex series has sold a combined total of over 15 million copies for all platforms. Gex 3 is the best selling of the series, shipping over 6 million copies and also became the best-selling PlayStation adventure game of 1999 with 3 million copies in that year alone.


GEX may refer to:

  • Geelong Airport, Victoria, Australia (IATA code)
  • Geometry Expert, Chinese geometry theorem software
  • German Entrepreneurial Index, a German stock market index
Gex (video game)

Gex is a side-scrolling platform game developed by Crystal Dynamics and originally released for the 3DO in 1995. Versions of the game were later released for the PlayStation, the Sega Saturn and Microsoft Windows. It was a pack-in game for Panasonic models of the 3DO later in the console's life.

It is the first game in the Gex series and introduces players to the title character, a wisecracking gecko, voiced in this game by comedian Dana Gould.